I Consider Myself to be a MAGA Patriot. We should not feel ashamed of claiming to be MAGA, (Make America Great Again). It means bringing back the greatness America used to have, like secure borders, energy independence, free to speak without fear of reprisal, strong education of our children, powerful armies, (peace through power), strong dollar, condemning racism, a commitment to God, and equal opportunity.

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter, although it would help us reach our goal of bringing back what makes this country the best place on earth. As long as you are a Conservative, most conservatives want the same things. You can be conservative and still approve of abortion. It just means you’re not a “Pro-Lifer”. Most conservatives are Pro-Life but not all. It must be true that the United States is the best place on Earth, otherwise why are so many people wanting to come here?

Donald Trump seems to be the only politician in history that thinks more about the American People than he does about making money. Most politicians start out in public office as an average person and eventually end up a millionaire. How does someone making $150K a year end up being a millionaire? Ask Joe Biden. Donald Trump is already rich and has plenty of income, he doesn’t need the money, in fact, he donated all of his public income while President.

Why MAGA? We just want the country to be like before. Not like 1950 or 1960 or any particular time in history. Mainly a time where we have no worries about bad things
happening within our borders, like 2017 was. Of course we still have the mentally ill wanting to hurt large numbers of people, for what we usually never find out. But we are working on reducing the chances of it happening again, without removing rights of innocent people. You can’t blame bad things on everyone. Just like they said, don’t blame 9/11 on Muslim people, of course not, but we do blame it on radical Muslim people, like Al Qaeda, Isis, Hamas and Hezbollah and of course, Iran, and so many more.

Why is the current administration doing the things that are making our lives
harder and making us afraid to walk our streets? Over 6 million people have
come across our southern border since Biden has been President. Over 6 million
people from almost every country in the World. Why are these people mostly
single males of military age? Why are so many people coming from China? The Biden Administration is trying to create chaos as when there is chaos, people are easier to control. Like when Covid was coming, the Trump administration was being steered by Anthony Fauci which now we know was from the Obama Administration. Fauci caused a lot of chaos talking about closing down the economy and getting the jab. It is true that Trump started the Vacine production, but it was Biden who pushed it’s use to the point people were being fired for not getting the jab. Chaos is what the left is good at. Currently, the left is trying very hard to eliminate Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential elections. I am one of those who believes that Trump actually won the 2020 elections, and due to illegal changes to the voting rules in some major States, it was very easy to cheat. More on this in another post, as the truth is starting to come out.

What’s causing this inflation? The answer, Policy! When Biden took over the White House, he immediately started ending President Trump’s policies. One big one was that he stopped many drilling leases on government land. He set a timeline to be free from fossil fuels which caused the oil investors to pull back and reduce the amount of drilling and looking for more oil deposits which reduced the amount of fuel being produced and thus caused the price to go up. The price of fuel is directly connected to our current situation. Think about this; “What form of fuel is used to move goods all over the U.S.?” The answer is Fossil Fuel.

Our Electrical Grid is not Ready. The Electrical grid has not been upgraded in many decades and cannot support a sharp increase in use of electricity, however with the influx of illegals and the massive push towards EV’s, we are stressing the grid to a point of failure. Texas has always had a weak grid. In the Summer, we hear of possible “Brown-Outs” but thankfully this last Summer, there were none. During the Winter of 2021, we experienced a loss of our electricity for a full 24 hours and the tempreture was -4 deg. With new Texan’s moving to the State, mostly from California, we are seeing more and more people using Electricity from the same old grid. Now many of these Californian’s bringing their EV’s which they bought because the State of California is one of the more aggressive States when it comes to moving away from fossil fuels, and eliminating the sale of gasoline and gas cars in the early 2030’s. People there felt pressure to purchase an EV before they were stuck with a vehicle and nowhere to fill the tank.

Being a Conservative. Conservatism is basically “Using Common Sense”. It’s not easy to accept what the left is trying to force on us, like a Man can be a Woman. Our belife is to let people live as they choose. We don’t care if 2 men or 2 women want to say they are married to each other, but true marriege is, (based on the Bible) between a man and a woman. It is meant to increase to population, which you have to admit, 2 men or 2 women cannot do. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. In reality, there is no other way. So when someone says “a birthing person” I think of a woman. That is the only human I know of that can have a baby. Oh yes a woman who identifies as a man can give birth, but back to reality, she is still a woman. The same thing goes with animals, and most other creatures, although there are some creatures that can have children without the opposite sex, but not humans. Common sense is the key. It’s not that we’re totally against anything that’s pretend, we just don’t want to be forced to believe it.

They call it Woke. It too is based on anything other than common sense. “Math is racist”, is a woke concept. “Critical race theory” is also considered Woke. Being woke is not the popular direction in our culture, even though the left wants us to believe it is. A good example is Bud Light, Target, and a few other companies deciding to get into politics instead of marketing to their customer base. In the case of Bud Light, they decided that it was a good idea to have a Transgender Woman, (a Man in drag) be the spokesperson for their brand which was the beer of tough men like hunters, football players and fans, etc. Primarily, a large group of people not represented by Transgender or LGBTQ+. Bud Light brand lost Billions. Target brought Transgender clothing for Children. Not a good thing to be pushing on kids. Another big mistake and they are still trying to get back their brand. It’s like to saying, “Go Woke, Go Broke”.

MAGA is a Threat to Our Democracy. Please tell me how MAGA is a threat to our democracy. I can tell you this. Donald Trump started MAGA. Followers of Donald Trump are called MAGA conservatives and the left sees Donald Trump as a threat to their agenda, which is chaos for our country. People were better off during Donald Trump and most people with common sense can see it all took a shit when Biden took office. However, many of the Obama fingers were at work even while Trump was in office. The Russian collusion BS when purchased by Hilary Clinton and pushed through by our current version of the FBI, even while knowing it was a farse. The only threat MAGA brings, is to what they call the “Deep State”, defenitely a subject for another post. These are those folks that have been in Washington DC for many years, never been elected, just hired by elected officials. These are the people that make decisions to cause chaos in our country.

I could write on this stuff forever. All I’m trying to say is, if you have an open mind, and check out more news than Facebook, or CNN, or MSNBC, and stop thinking of Fox News as propaganda. try to get some news from everywhere, especially if you have some doubt about conservative news sites like Newsmax, Fox News, and many others. Unless you are watching an Opinion show, Fox News is the real news with no agenda. Check it out before you make the decision. If you don’t, then you are more left leaning, which is okay if that’s what you believe in. Basically, if you voted for Biden, you deserve Biden’s policies.