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  New URL's make it easier to locate a section of the Web Site - You don't need to know the title of the page to find it, just put the subject in the URL (address).  We have created a list of these sections on the next page, click below to see this list;  

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  Link to Page Description Number of Pages  
Home Home - Main Index Page 1
House News House News - Information about our new home in Texas including pictures 1
Family News Family News - Information about the family, recent pictures, current events, recent events 1
Halloween Halloween - Pictures from Halloween's past - very neat section 14
Contact Us Contact Us - Email Addresses of our Family 1
Gary's Pages Gary's Pages - BEWARE! - Gary's Idea of Fun - includes some old pictures of Gary, from kid to man to old man 7
Feedback Form Feedback Form - An easy way to send your thoughts, questions, etc.  Add or remove yourself from our mailing list 1
Suggested Links Suggested Links - Links we have found and would like to share 1
Points of Interest Points of Interest - Interesting Points and Points of Interest, pictures and stories, thoughts and stuff 1
Gary's Black List Gary's Black List - See who pissed me off! 1
Return of Micro-Bluez Return of Micro Bluez - Recent pictures from the studio in Southlake Texas, old pictures of the band(s) 1
The Farm The Farm - Pictures of our animal family including a memorial for those who have passed 9
Picture Collections McCann Family Picture Collections - Pictures of the McCann's - family members - in-laws - distant relatives 14
Picture Collections Bennett Family Picture Collections - Pictures of the Bennett family members - in-laws - distant relatives 7
Picture Collections Castleberry Family Picture Collections - Pictures of the Castleberrys - a unique and diverse family 1
Picture Collections The Newtons go to Mexico - Pictures of cousin Dale and his wife during a trip to a Mexico resort 1
Picture Collections Taylor Family Picture Collections - Pictures of the Taylor family members 1
Photo Gallery Special Galleries Picture Collections - Pictures of the many outings we have had over the years 22
Family_Veterans Our Family Veterans - Family Veterans Organized by War or Operations 1
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery - Pictures taken by Gary over the years - Some are modified using PhotoShop or Picture Publisher but not all 6
Secured Section Secured Section - Web Pages within a secured part of the Web Site and is used to post information that should not be public Varies
Access Request Form Secured Section Access Request Form - A form for requesting a username and password in order to access the secured section - do this first 1
Gary's Downloads Gary's Downloads - Gary's favorite download freebees 1

Featured Pages

  The pages below are featured throughout the site and may be tough to find, some of the links get lost in the middle of a paragraph or a link on a page with a lot of information.  I try to make it obvious but sometimes they do get lost;  
  Feature Page Description Linked from Page  
Recent Pictures Recent Pictures, usually less than a year old Main Page
Taste of Addison Addison Texas annual event Family News, Special Galleries
Grapefest Grapevine Texas annual Grapefest Family News, Special Galleries
Our Trip Our recent trip to California for Shawn and Rachel's Wedding Wedding
The Move Our experience during the move from California to Texas Family News
Shawn and Rachel Shawn and Rachel's page Main Page
Our Old Home Pictures of our Home in Folsom California, we sold when we moved House News
The Wedding Pictures of Shawn and Rachel's wedding Family News, Main Page
Custom Pics Custom Pictures created by Gary Gary's Pages, Main Page
Bennett's Family of 9 siblings, there are only 5 left Bennett Family Photos
In Memory "Bennett's" Bennett Family members who have past - we will never forget them Bennett Family Photos
In Memory "McCann" McCann Family members who have past - we will never forget them McCann Family Photos
McCann Family Reunion 2006 McCann Family reunion, McCann brother's and sister's families all meet yearly in Oklahoma McCann Family Photos
Amanda's Visit Pictures of Amanda and her daughters Lilly and Jaidyn Main Page
Back in Time Pictures from San Francisco, and the bay area Special Galleries
Stockyards of Fort Worth Pictures from a visit to the historic stockyards of Fort Worth Texas Special Galleries
Summer Visit of Devin A visit by Brandon's friend from California in 2006 Main Page, Special Galleries
Our 22nd Anniversary It is our 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday September 16th 2011 = We've been together for over 24 years Main Page
Zest Fest An annual festival in Fort Worth which focuses on spicy foods, sauces and rubs Points of Interest, Spec Galleries
Jokes pages Are these F'in funny or what?  Joke pics pulled from the Internet just for you Main Page
Ripley's Believe it or not A recent trip to the local Ripley's in Grand Prairie Points of Interest, Spec Galleries
Wax Museum A recent trip to the local Wax Museum also in Grand Prairie, actually in the same building Points of Interest, Spec Galleries
COPS Comments on Police Situations from the perspective of a Police Spouse Main Page
Protect Your ID Information to help you protect your ID from theft Main Page
Rio Linda Where we grew up Main Page, Special Galleries
The Gathering A memory page - August 29th 2008 - the day we remembered our mother Main Page, Bennett Photos
More Recent Pics A special page setup to make it fast and simple to change the pictures on the page without logging on Main Page

Featured Links

The links below are featured on this site as sites belonging to family and friends

Link Description
Castleberry News (Blog) Chris and Rachelle Castleberry give you their news in a Blog setting, including pictures - Read on
Brandon's New Web Site Brandon's new Web Site
Chris' Pics Pictures Chris and Rachelle have posted on the Web, now includes videos
NewsLetters News Letters that are Emailed using our News Letter Mailing List - Click the Feedback form above to join



The following pages are for providing information on services, from help setting up a Web Site, to creation of a custom DVD for your next big Wedding, Birthday, etc.  And there is a site that provides technical help with your computer or small network;

Page Description
Custom DVD's Custom Slide Shows using video, still photos, sound, music, and more
Web Site Creation Web Site setup, custom graphics, domain names
Technical Support Technical help with your computer, network, some software, etc.
Real Estate in DFW John Edelman - Century 21 - Real Estate Consultant

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