This page is dedicated to our family veterans.  I am posting every family member who ever served time in our military, whether or not it was war time.  Any service to our country is a service to freedom and the American Dream.  We need to celebrate our service men and women and treat them as if they were most important.  I will try to name all of the pictures, however if you submit a photo, please give me the info about the picture.  Send the picture to me via Email at and include their name, dates served or war time, rank if known and any decorations/honors.  I will try to post all of the info that I receive for each picture.  A special thanks to my cousin Karen Hett for her contributions to this page...  
            If you can Identify anyone on this page, or have additional information about someone on this page or that should be added, please send that information to me and I will make the changes on the Site.  Send all information and pictures to I will reply back indicating I received your Email and an estimated time it will be posted.  


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  James M. McCan Unknown McCann       Claude Stow  
  7 8 9 10 11 12  
  Edgar K. McCann Walter Stanley McCann John Malone Keith McCann Hank Bennett Charles E. McCann  
  U. S. Army   U. S. Navy U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Navy  
  Bronze Star            
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  Mildred Louise Newton Douglas Glenn McCann     Darrell McCann Walter J. Malone  
  (McCann) U. S. Army U. S. Navy     U. S. Navy U. S. Navy  
  WWII WWII          
      James R. Dixon        
      U. S. Marines        
  Michael R. McCann Roger A. McCann   Duane Malone Gary S. McCann Thomas A. Malone  
  U. S. Army U. S. Army   U. S. Navy U. S. Air Force U. S. Navy  
  Vietnam Era Vietnam     Vietnam Era    





  Shawn A. McCann