Sushi is a feral cat.  She was trapped as a kitten by a friend of ours outside her home, in a wooded area.  She has a lot of feral cats living outside her home, and she has actually trapped and spayed and neutered several of the feral cats and then let them go.  Most of them still hang around her home, some are now living indoors, like Sushi.


          This cat is spoiled.  She was real skittish when we first got her, she would sit on your shoulder and be petted but the first time she felt like she could get away, she would be gone.  Eventually she trusted us and we could pet her and be around her without the thick leather gloves.


          These days she loves to be rubbed and petted, and for her tail to be pulled.  She loves it so much, she will force you to rub her,  She loves her tummy rubbed the most.  She reminds me of BooBoo in that respect.  I think all black cats love to be rubbed.  She is still skittish though, she will not come around unless you are alone or sometimes when Marisa and I are sitting on the couch and the dog is outside, Sushi will come up on the couch and allow both of us to pet her at the same time.  But the first noise, she is gone.  Sushi hang out in Brandon's room, with Sassy, her friend and companion.  Sassy is Brandon's cat and the ruler of the house, so she thinks.  Sushi also hangs out in the weight room, where she can look out the window and see the outside.

  Taken in December 2008, the following pictures are of a more mature Sushi who still has some of that feral cat in her