Brandon's Cat      

          Sassy, Sas or also known as Sasito is the main cat of the house.   She shows the most love, requires the most attention.  She came to us one Saturday morning; we were sitting at the kitchen table having our morning coffee, it was beginning to be a beautiful day so we had the windows open.  We were sitting there enjoying the quiet when a car approached and stopped at the 3 way intersection in front of the house.  When the car left the intersection, and the noise of it's engine was gone, I heard a tiny meow.  I heard it again, so we went outside and then I saw this tiny cat in the intersection.  Before I could say anything, Marisa was out in the intersection scooping up this tortoise shell kitten.


          An indoor cat, she takes control of the other animals in the house, (except the snake) and demands things from us, mostly food.   She is finicky and does exactly what she wants to do, and if you try to move her or get her to do anything other than eat, she lets out this wild cat yell that actually hurts your ears.


          Sassy has a condition that the Vet calls a nervous condition.  It all started when she pulled all of the hair out of her stomach.  We determined that it must be what's going on around her that's causing the problem.  We got 2 new cats.  First came Socks.  BooBoo was still around but by this time she was an outdoor cat, only coming inside when I would grab her ass and bring her in, she would stay for an hour or so then leave.  BooBoo was an old cat and was already going downhill health wise. 


Socks was found on the bike trail along the American River Parkway and was still a kitten but was about 6 months old.  Sassy didn't like Socks from day one.  Socks was a long hair "M" kitty and was very mellow, although she spent some time as a wild cat, she was far from feral.   After BooBoo past away, we got the true feral cat Sushi.  It was about the time Sushi was out of her cage and running free in the house that Sas started pulling out the hair.  We didn't want to put Sas on medication, we tried to keep her environment calm and not change it so much.  Then we moved to Texas!


Since we arrived in Texas, and moved into our home where Sas can finally run free again, she has taken to another way of dealing with her depression, she has started eating everything we put down, to the point that she weighs 17 pounds now.  We have to put food down or Sushi wouldn't be able to eat at all.  Now there's Cassie the long hair mini-dachshund puppy who won't leave her alone.  We'll see now if the hair comes out again or maybe something else?


Sas likes to pose for photos, and I like to do special things with those photos.  I have added some of my custom pictures of sas and Brandon, they are always together.

  A Christmas Scene       Cartooned  
          Notice she is winking?  
  The following pictures were taken in December of 2008  
      Christmas 2008