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            This page is dedicated to those pets we had in our life for a brief time.  We have added all of our pets that made a difference and touched us in many ways during their short lives, or short stay with us depending on how they left.  Not all of the animals on this page passed away, a few were given away, but all of them had good happy lives while they were here with us or here on this earth for such a short time.  We miss all of these guys because whether they left by the hand of God or they left because there was a better life for them elsewhere, they all touched our lives just the same...  

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  Reese's Chocolate Lab

          Chaco was the first registered pet we ever had.  He was a fun dog to have around and one of the smartest.  He would learn most things in a matter of "after the first time" like walking on a leash, less barking, etc.  Chaco had to be an outside dog because we could afford to replace everything that he would break when he came in.  His tail was so big, he could put a dent in the wall just by wagging it.  Chaco was a happy dog, we were always worried about him having hip problems because he loved to jump high in the air.

Chaco developed a brain tumor.  It grew very fast because he was fine and then all of a sudden, he was in major pain, he couldn't walk and trying to take a 110 lb pet to the hospital was a chore.  We took him to an emergency hospital in Roseville, they did not know what was wrong and suggested we take him to the University at UC Davis.  Marisa took him there where they did some tests.  They told Marisa that there was nothing they could do and put him to sleep to stop the pain.  They did an autopsy on him and determined he had a brain tumor that was not treatable...

Rest in peace big guy!


Bu Bu Tu - aka Boo Boo


          Boo Boo was one of the best cats we have ever had.  We got Boo Boo when our cat Scooby Do ran away or was taken from us.  Marisa was so distraught that I took her to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter and they just happened to have 2 black cat kittens, but they were not there at the time, they were at the Mall for a show.  We went back later, it was quite a drive from our house, but we were excited.  There were 2 kittens, I held one and Marisa held the other.  The one I held purred and snuggled, the one Marisa held wanted down.  Marisa grabbed the one I had and said this is the one.  We named her Boo Boo because she was our first black cat.  Boo Boo was never allowed out on Halloween, because p

eople were known to steal black cats on Halloween.  She was such a neat cat, you could put her out on your arm with her head on your hand and stretch out your arm, she would just lay there, where other cats would be frightened, nothing frightened Boo Boo...


          Boo Boo developed a thyroid problem, and within a couple of years she became very skinny.  Whatever she ate, went straight through, and she got to a point that all she wanted to do was eat.  I could see she was suffering, Marisa had to take her to the vet, they suggested we let her go, it was one of the hardest things Marisa has ever had to do.


We Love you Boo Boo!


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          Socks came to us from a friend who found her on the bike trail along the American River in Sacramento County.  You could tell she was someone's pet because she liked people very much and nothing scared her.  But you could also tell she was left alone a lot because she knew how to hunt birds and things.  Socks was an indoor cat for a short time, then she moved out to the garage because the other 2 cats didn't like her very much.  We never understood why that was but she seemed to like it that way.  She was an outside cat like Boo Boo was, you can't seem to keep the ones who have experienced the outside in.  We named her Socks because she had white feet, all 4.

          Socks passed away recently from a freak accident.  We were going to the local market and closed the garage door from the driveway as we were leaving.  It looks like she decided to try to get into the garage under the door as it was almost closed and it crushed her.  She had a cat door in the garage door so she could get in or out anytime she wanted, and she knew about the door, she had used it for a couple of years now.

We will miss you, our fluffy cat!

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           Ratchet was a great dog to have but only if you don't have any other pets around within 100 miles.  No Ratchet didn't die, he left, well actually we had to give him away.  Ratchet was a pure breed, pure spite, pure get even, pure do whatever it was you told him not to do.  Ratchet was a Jack Russell Terrier and my Sister got him as a friend to her Sadie, another Jack Russell, a female Jack.  We if you have ever had a Jack Russell, you know if you have one, you won't have another, and if you have other pets in the house, you won't be able to pay enough attention to the Jack Russell you have to make him or her happy.  This was one of the smartest dogs we ever had, one of the best looking also, but wow!   Ratchet was cool, which made it easy to give him away, he went to live with a young teen girl, she seemed to like him a lot and we hope they are still together.


Hang Ten Ratchet, or I guess 8

  The Rats!

          We've had a few rats around the house, all domestic, well except for the one who lived out on the fence in the back yard, all of the rats in the house had names, ate with a fork and flushed after themselves.  First there was Spaz and Jewel, they were similar in color, Jewel being a little darker.  (we don't seem to have any pictures of Jewel except for one where she is on my shoulder).  Rats are cool pets, but they don't live long so going through the loss of a friend every couple of years is not worth it.  We have a corn snake, Snickers, he's been around for several years and is growing fairly fast now.  Rats make good pets, they don't stink as long as their cage is kept clean, they don't eat much and they don't complain, much!

Keep it Cool you Rats!

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  Racer     Racer  
  Spaz   Jewel   Spaz