Cassie is a pure bred Long Haired Mini Dachshund.  She is spoiled and thinks she is in charge of all the other farm animals, and sometimes us.  She is very smart and was house trained faster than any other pet we have had.  She has a doggie door in the back door leading to the back yard where Rosie and Cloie live.  Cassie can come and go as she wishes (most of the time) and is only limited by a small fence on the inside of the door.  We close the gate during rainy days or when it looks like it will rain during the night.  

          Born on March 27th, 2006 we got her at the age of 6 weeks and these picture were taken at about 6 weeks around May 8th, when we got home with her for the first time.

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          A month later she is starting to develop her grown-up look.  Right around 10 weeks, you can start to see the dachshund in her shape and face.  By this time she is pretty much house trained, she is just starting to get real spoiled.  We got Cassie because we wanted a lap dog, although Rosie and Cloie would love to sit on your lap, it aint going to happen.

      Miss Princess!      
      Taken July 18th, 2006      
  Taken August 28th, 2006       Do You Want a Bath?  
          HELL NO!!!!!  
  Spoiled Rotten!   That's a big bird      
  Christmas 2007  
  After a bath she gets a little fufu  
      Give me some cheese!      
  Taken December 2008  
  Leave me alone   Fat Puppy   Lazy