Rosie's Photos will be moved to the Memory section soon, please enjoy these while you can - Thank you!  
  Rosie is very much alive and hopefully very happy!   We love you Rose!      

Farm Critters

Pictures of the Farm Animals Together in Play

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      A Warm Welcome      
  Everyone is playing together   Caged Animals   Can you put my toy away for me?  

     On cold nights, the big dogs come in the house to sleep in the warmth.  We keep them caged in a small pen so they don't roam around the house at night.  Rosie would be fine, but Spike and Cloie would seek out and destroy items in the house that are chewable.  Cassie sleeps with us, (of course) she is the princess of the house and all of the other DOGS know it.  But the Cats think otherwise



     Spike is kind of like Cassie's play toy.  We got Spike so she would have a playmate in the house, but Spike is not as calm and controllable as Cassis, and not as trustworthy as Cassie, meaning we cannot leave him unattended in the house.  But he gets to play for certain periods, when Cassie tells us she wants him out.



  Tired of playing          
  Hey, I think they got food   Cat Napping   Is she still there?  
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