The Taylor Clan is Marisa's immediate family, and Brandon's grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins on his mother's side.  The Taylors all live in the same general area, (except Marisa) of course she is a McCann now and also a Texan.  

          Brandon has a grandmother (Nana), an Aunt and Uncle and 2 cousins on the Taylor side of the family.  Brandon is the oldest of the grandchildren, with Kayelee just a year younger and Alysha is the youngest.  Marisa is the middle child with her sister Janina as the oldest and Louie the youngest of the siblings.  When we lived in California, we would spend Thanksgiving with the Taylor's and Christmas with the McCann's, but there were a few Christmas' at the Taylors, just not as many as Thanksgiving, that was Nana's special holiday.

  July 4th 2004 - Monterey CA          
  July 4th 2001          


      Baby Alysha      

  Thanksgiving 2005       July 3rd 2004 - San Francisco Bay  
  July 3rd 2004 - Winchester Mystery House   Walt Disney World 2002      
  Walt Disney World 2002   San Francisco 2004   December 2007  
      Thanksgiving 2003      
  Labor Day 2004   July 4th 2003   Dallas Texas - 2005  
          Brother Shawn's Wedding - 2006  
      Zest Fest - 2008      
  Trip to San Antonio - 2010          


  Pismo Beach - CA   Lake Berryessa - 1991      
  Pregnant with Brandon - 1992          
      New Years - 2002   Bennett Family Reunion - 2003  
      Cast on the right foot   Cast on the left foot  
  Walt Disney World 2002          
      Police Academy - 2006      

          Baby Kayelee  

  California State Fair