I am providing computer technical support, free of charge to my family and friends.  If you have a problem with your computer no mater how bad it is, send me an Email.  Even if you just want to purchase a new computer, contact me and I will help with the decision making.  Have you lost that program icon and can't figure out how to get it back, got a new program and need help getting it configured?  I have experience using many software programs, including most of Microsoft's programs.  I can help setup your Web Site, POP Email, home network, many other things, way too many to try and list here.  

Who Am I?

       I am a computer technician of over 15 years, experienced in small domain networks and peer to peer.  I have a small business network in my home with more than 7 computers networked on a wired/wireless network and powered to the Internet by Verizon Fios.  I am an experienced Web Site designer, and have performed training on the operation of computer hardware and software for the 15 years.  I have setup and expanded small networks, added users, supported a company of more than 25 computers, including some UNIX workstations.  I have developed some custom reports using Microsoft Access and tied it to the back end of the HRMS Management software running on a UNIX server using ODBC connectivity.  I am your cousin, nephew, uncle or brother, or I am your friend.  

Did you ever want your own Web Site?

       It is easier than you think and very cheap.  The cost is normally less than $15 a month, and that includes a domain name and custom Email addresses.  Creating the Web Site does take some knowledge of html, but most Web Sites have an easy Site Builder software that is very easy to use and allows you to upload pictures and write text.  I use a program from Microsoft called FrontPage, however that program is being discontinued.  Another HTML editor program is Dreamweaver.  It was purchased by Adobe a few years ago, and is still being supported and updated.  Microsoft has a new editor program called, Expression Web.  It doesn't seem to require a special software package to be installed on the Web server like FrontPage does.  

Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

  FAQ's   Questions I get asked on more than one occasion or some that I experience myself during work or on my own equipment - Like, I am getting SPAM Emails from my own email address but I know for a fact I am not sending them from any of my computers.  
  ASK!   If you don't see an answer to a question you may have, Email me a question here  
  Downloads   Page of free applications to make your life easier, funner, take up more of your time type of programs.  
  Think You Will Look Stupid?   If you think you will look stupid asking a question, take a look at these callers, Actual Calls to Tech Support  

Computer Hardware Repair



Add or Replace Components

      No Apple Knowledge  

Except IPOD

    Useful Links   Description      

       is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows  
  PC   Magazine page dedicated to Windows Computers, although they do consumer testing on a variety of products including DVD burners, Scanners, Printers, Digital Cameras, HD Screens including plasma, LCD, TV's and Monitors.  
  Stop Spam Scams   A Web Site by Stephanie Cheng which is dedicated to stopping Spam and the Scams related to Spam.  She has other links to Web Sites like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and many more.  Be sure to read the story on how she actually communicated with a Scammer who was trying to get her to help them, commonly known as the Nigerian Scam.  
         Find out if a recent Email is true or not.  Find interesting information about Netlore (folklore on the Internet) see how many different locations the same pictures belong to (according to the writer of the Email) and find out how many versions of the same Email have been distributed and how long they have been around.  Some of the information will astound you.  
  Phishing Scams   This is a page I created explaining what is meant by phishing and phishing scams.  It's a fairly new term that means someone is trying to spoof a real Web Site with hopes of getting someone to give up their account information.  
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  Need help?  Lost a program icon?  Dump some photos or just want to know the best way to store them?  Can't connect your new laptop to your wireless network?  Afraid you have a virus or malware?  Can't install a program or want advice in the purchase of one?  Help building a Web Site like mine?  Any of these things can be a challenge, I'm here to help my family and friends.  
  Email me a question here          
  Don't be afraid you will look stupid, believe me there are a lot of people out there that don't deserve to own a computer, however most of the computer users today have some knowledge of how a computer works.  The main problem is that there are so many things that can cause a certain problem that troubleshooting most computer issues require dedicated experience (a computer tech) and knowledge of both software and hardware.  If I have a problem on my new Dell computer and need help and it's still under warranty, do you think I call for free tech support?  You bet I do.  I may have many years of direct computer building and troubleshooting experience, but even with that, I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I can guarantee it will take more then the first level tech to help me.  
  When sending an Email question, please include the following information;  



  Also Include this additional information either initially or later;      

Internet Access Type, i.e., Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Wireless or FIOS

Email Client, i.e., Outlook or Outlook Express, On Line Web Mail Client (Yahoo, Hotmail, Other) or other.

Internet Browser Used, i.e., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Netscape, other.

  If you are just asking a simple question, you do not need to include the answers to these questions.  Only if you need me to do some diagnostics, will I need to know things like the processor info, Internet access, etc.  
  If you don't know some of the answers to the questions above, send me an Email, and include your phone number, I may need to call you directly and walk you through finding the answers.  If you don't know any of the answers to the questions above, I can't help you...  Have a Nice Day