After Graduation, we took Brandon to San Antonio to check out another Texas City.  San Antonio is known mostly for the Alamo, a place in south Texas where a great battle against Mexico took place.  I first saw the Alamo back in 1973 during the time I was in the Air Force basic training.  Once out of training, we got to spend a day downtown.  I don't remember a lot about that time, I was only 19.  This trip though, we took plenty of pictures, and I think what we enjoyed the most was the Japanese Tea Garden, very cool...


         We stayed at the La Quinta Inn and Suites near the Hospital.  Our room was a 2 room suite, with a wet-bar in the living room.  The days were very hot so we didn't stay out all day, coming and going to cool off and eat.  We had lunch the first day at the Hard Rock Cafe on the River, and Dinner the next evening at the Rain Forest Cafe also along the River Walk.


  Downtown Area - Near the Alamo          
      Special Taxi   Bridge over the River Walk  
      Whoa!   Parking  


                 Photography is not permitted inside at the Alamo


          Lunch at the "Hard Rock Cafe"  
  Dinner at the "Rain Forest Cafe"          

  Everything says this is the   except the sign below      
  Japanese Tea Garden          
          Must have gotten the sign on sale  

          Tree Kangaroo  
  Gator   Hippo   Hippo Too  
      Driver   iPhone  
  inside of a computer       inside of a computer  
      Star Trek   The Shining  
      Austin City Limits   Miller Makers