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If you ever visit the Dallas / Fort Worth area, check out Ripley's Believe it or Not


601 Palace Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
(972) 263-2391

  We were driving down Hwy 30 one afternoon, not too long after moving to Texas, when Marisa told me I got her lost, ( I guess I was the navigator).  We passed the Ripley's Believe it or not/Palace of Wax on the left, and thought we must be almost to Dallas.  We went a little farther then turned around and headed back.  We forgot about Ripley's until a few weeks ago, I was listening to the news, during my lunch just before the 4th holiday weekend.  The news report was by one of the field reporters that had visited the museum that morning, and it was during an episode about vacationing in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  The memory of the place came back to me and I mentioned it to Marisa.  We had a few days off together, and Brandon is out of school, so we decided to go.  



World's Tallest Man

      Shrunken Heads      

We have seen the fake mermaid, and shrunken heads, I expected more of those types of items on display, but instead we found movie props like the earthquake setting below, the cave with the skeleton and the 3-D skull you can't touch.  A couple more movie sets, the set of Atlantis and one of the aftermath of a tornado.  Along the way we saw artifacts from native tribes, head hunters weapons and tools.













  The Best Fake Ever       Native Skull  

On the set of Atlantis, we never did see any mermaids








We passed some more of the expected items, the fake mermaid and some more native artifacts, the Atlantis movie set, then we were in a room where they had some interesting items, the worlds smallest painting, a carving on the head of a toothpick, hand painted potato chips, a Lincoln Log cabin made from 18,000 un-circulated Lincoln pennies, weighing nearly 200 lbs.


Lincoln's Log Cabin

made of Pennies


Map of Texas

made from Rattle Snake Rattles


Potato Chips

Hand Painted




      After the Tornado      
  A Camel Bone Carving  
      Detailed Carving in Camel Bone      

When I first saw this large carving, I thought it was a carved elephant tusk, but it was much larger than any elephant tusk I had ever seen, then I read the plaque setting next to the carving.  It read "Camel Bone Carving - Designed by Xie Man Hua of Gangrou, China.  It took 40 carvers over 6 months to complete this masterpiece.  It depicts the Buddhist female deity Nanha Guanyin and her followers at her legendary grotto in the South China sea.  Robert Ripely sailed to China many times looking for artifacts like this one"  Click on the icon top left to view that plaque.