Not long after we purchased our Nissan 4X4 Pickup, we planned a trip to the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Not that we had any intentions in driving the trail which is a 22 mile long 4X4 Hell, and most people who drive the trail are ready for anything.  We were just going to find some mud puddles and dirt raods and do some camping.  Our Nissan, Tim's Chevy and John's Slug Mobile, here we go...


          We entered at Wentworth Springs and at the entrance, a marker.  It was a Jeep, but it was not shaped like a jeep, more like a pile of scrap metal that rolled down a mountain several times, landed hard and then got smashed by a big rock.  I wish I had gotten a picture of it but we were on the road and didn't have time to stop.  But it made you think.

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  Looking out over the Rubicon Trail          
    Stuck in the Mud


Saved by the Jeep