I don't have a lot of pictures of Rio Linda so I'm hoping my sister and brother who still live there will help me out with some of their own.  Rio Linda was the town where I grew up.  It was a small country town located in Northern California, just north of the State Capital, Sacramento.  Just a little north of Sacramento is North Sacramento and then you go thru Del Paso Heights, then as you continue north, you run into the tiny town of Robla, which is one of those towns that you will miss even if you don't blink.  North of Robla is Rio Linda which never had a police department, although they did always have a fire department.  They were part of the Grant Union School District at the time I was in school but that has changed and it is now the Twin Rivers Unified School District and they have their own police force, not the town of Rio Linda, the school district.

  Old Betsy       Twin Rivers School District Police Vehicle  
            I haven't lived in Rio Linda since I went into the Air Force.  My mother continued to live there for awhile, but she sold her home and moved away while I was in the service.  My sister Sandie bought a home there several years ago, and her son Chris graduated High School there.  My brother Roger also bought a house there around the same time and they both still live there in those same houses.  I also have an uncle that I forgot to mention.  He is my mother's youngest brother.  In fact we always treated him as a brother because he is actually younger than my oldest brother, which made him an uncle before he was born.  He restores old cars and trucks, and he has lived there a long time also.  The town has not grown much except for a large strip mall and some additional homes in a few new housing tracks.  The main part of town looks the same, and some of the businesses have closed which is sad to see.  Rio Linda has some history behind the town, above is a picture of Old Betsy the old fire truck.  I was never there when the truck was in service, but I understand that there was also a train station, I don't remember it but I do remember the train tracks and the old Nu-Laid Egg Factory, which was just across the street from Nu-Way Market.  We used to play along the tracks.  We never saw many trains go through town, in fact just after I moved away, they pulled up the tracks and made a nice bike trail out of the area.  I used to work next door to the old fire station at a store called Par-Mar-Ket.  It was run by a Chinese family, and I used to go in there and spend time with the stock clerk/bagger.  He taught me his trade, and after my dad passed away, I got a job there to help support us.  
  Sub Shop - Coffee House   Oak Tree Diner   Amy's Cafe and a Donut Shop  

          Known as a redneck town, there is a rumor that every person in Rio Linda owns a gun, and a word of warning to all of the criminals out there, they shoot first then ask "who is it?".  I grew up in Rio Linda, we moved there when I was in the 2nd grade.  I rode my bicycle all over that town.  I remember once hearing that Rush Limbaugh the radio personality said he bought a house in Rio Linda and then found out a wrecking yard was across the street.  It wasn't a business though, it was just a normal yard in Rio Linda.  If there isn't at least one dead car in the yard, they must be new to the neighborhood.  Of course things like that have changed a little, newer homes don't usually have a dead car in the yard, it's most likely on the street.  The 3 photos below were taken in Rio Linda by Steve Shames with infrared film, he has lived in Rio Linda since 1998 and looks at the junk car issue as art form waiting to happen...

  Check out more unique photos of Rio Linda at Steve Shames' Web Site Rio Linda page  

          Rio Linda has a lot of history, and a lot of reputations like it's a town full of rednecks, and everyone has a gun.  It's an old town, I'm not sure how old but you can find very old homes and other buildings.  Some of the most historic buildings have been torn down like the old egg factory.  It was very large, had some grain elevators and was sitting right along the railroad tracks.  Most of the other buildings I remember are there though.  Like Par-Mar-Ket which was where I worked.  The building is there, but the store is no longer.  The only fire station was right next door, but now is out on Rio Linda Blvd. (shown above).  I'm not sure of the population now, but when I lived there, I used to notice the sign as you came into town; Rio Linda, population 12,500.

  Typical Rio Linden   a Typical newer home in Rio Linda   Dry Trail along a Dry Creek  
  (was) Par Market (now) some church group   The Town's Post Office    Main street at Curved Bridge Road  
      The Dry Creek Ranch House      

          The Dry Creek Ranch House is part of Sacramento County's Dry Creek Parkway in the Rio Linda / Elverta area.  The Dry Creek Ranch House Museum is located in the Dry Creek Parkway and is leased to the RLE Historical Society.  The RLE Historical Society in partnership with the county is in the process of restoring the Ranch House to it's former condition and developing a museum.  The current library in the museum offers many books documenting the various family histories of the early pioneers.

      The Rio Linda Car Show      

          There was a car show on Saturday, August 30th.  My sister and I were feeling a little like we were sardines in a can, being too cooped up and we needed to get out of the house.  The show was within walking distance, down there at the old ranch house along Dry Creek.  As we walked we passed a few people, no one said hello or anything, I remembered at that minute why I moved to Texas.  We toured the house then checked out the cars, then headed back to her house because it was getting hot.

      My sister checking out the Cobra      
      Rio Linda Landmarks      
  The Water Tower   The Arch @ Archway      
  The Fountain          
  This old fountain needs some attention          
  I like the palm and date trees   Rio Linda Jr. High School   Train Depot Marker  
          This is where they say the old train depot was  
          Our neighbors actually received a new  
          couch which was delivered to the old  
      Home Coming      
          Chris Castleberry  
      Annual Floods      
  6th Street at K Street   Curve Bridge Road   Elk Horn Blvd.  


  6th Street at Elk Horn       Dry Creek Road  
          The Dry Creek Ranch House is in the distance  
      Old and New      
  My Brother beside the Drug store   El Rio Tavern   Still Nu-Way Market  
  which is now a liquor store (below)   Gone but not forgotten