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  Welcome to my page of Interesting Points and Points of interest.  This page is designed to have fun yet inform and ask questions of life in this era of corruption, terrorism, global warming, West Nile virus, sun screen, bird flu, gang war, drug cartels, bla bla bla....  I will post interesting articles, links and stories on this page; places we've been, things we have discovered or you have discovered.  Come back often because you never know when it will change, then again you will because we change the date in the upper right corner of the page.  
  The McCann Family Web Site is dedicated to providing the family members with information about our immediate family and friends.  We are directly associated with many family names besides McCann.  The McCann name is from my father's side of the family, they are mostly from Texas and Oklahoma, although some of them moved to California in the mid 1900's like my father and mother.  My mother's side of the family is the Bennett family, they too came from Oklahoma and most of them moved to California in the mid 1900's.  Other family names include my Wife's family, the Taylor's and the Valente's, my sister's family, the Castleberry's, our cousins Newton, Dickson, Malone, Robinette, Otis, and the list goes on and on and on and........  
  This page is dedicated to some of the interesting things we have discovered, or checked out or just stuff of interest.  I will try to add some new stuff to this page as I discover it or you can send me stuff to add if you like.  

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    Every year, the town of Southlake hosts an art fest, with bands, beer and lots of Art

<<< Click the image on the left to view our day there


There is a place near our home that sells sporting goods, but that's not all

Inside the store is a museum like setting with stuffed animals that you would hunt just about everywhere including Africa

I have included some pictures from inside the store




Your Pictures are Documents of your Memories

            Photographs are not just pictures of stuff or things or places, they are, at least for most of us, memories.  Photo Memories, are actually the best way to document your adventures, family gatherings, creations, and more.  Taking a picture is a way to freeze into time the actions, looks and existence of someone you love.  It is easier than ever today to take pictures and movies.  Cameras are cheaper and easier to use.  they take better and better pictures and you don't have to print them to enjoy them.  And if you do decide to print them, you don't have the limitations of the past, you can now have a picture printed on a T-Shirt, coffee cup, or actually anything.  Take more pictures, document your life, freeze your memories into photo documents, then look at your memories, don't put them away in a box.  


Remember this?

            One thing I like to do is create a DVD using still pictures to document the life of someone growing up, graduating, getting married, etc.  It is a good way to view your pictures; just pop it in the DVD player and click the "Play" button and sit back and enjoy the pictures.  There are many ways to enjoy and share your pictures on a computer.  Digital Picture Frame:  Once they were expensive and not so good resolution, they are getting cheaper and most now have really nice LCD screens.  MP3 Players:  Most newer MP3 players show pictures and movies.  Laptop Computers:  Laptop computers are a good way to take your pictures with you and display them to family and friends using the slide show features of Windows or Mac.  DVD Slide Shows:  You can easily create slide shows that will play on a TV from the DVD player.  Email:  Send pictures to family and friends.  Web Sites:  More and more Web sites, most are free, allow you to display your pictures either on a public Site or private, or your choice.  

          Here is an example of a video I created for my son Shawn's Wedding Reception.  It was one of several videos created for the slide show DVD I showed at his Wedding.  This one was about Shawn's Army Days, includes training and Iraq.  The music is by a Grunge band of the early 70's called Uriah Heep, the song is called "Simon the bullet freak"



 Click above to view the video

            All of the feature Web Pages on my site are dedicated to our memories.  Especially the page on our past Christmases, but if you look at them, they all contain our photo memories.  

        While in California last August for my mother, I stayed with my sister in Rio Linda amazed that the town hasn't changed much in many years, I started this page, check it out, click on the picture to the right ------------>>>



Hot Foods   -   Large Crowds   -   Minimal Entertainment   -   Hot Foods   -   Large Crowds   -   Minimal Entertainment



       Fort Worth



On Saturday September 6th 2008

We attended the Annual Zest Fest in Fort Worth, a festival of spicy foods, live music and jalapeño eating contests

Click the image on the left to visit the page


          During the 4th of July weekend this year, we visited an attraction that we haven't been to before here in the DFW area.  It's Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not, located in Grand Prairie Texas, just south of Irving.  If you are visiting the Dallas / Fort Worth area, or if you live around here, be sure to visit them.  Click on a picture to see the page I have created for each of the museums.  We were able to visit both museums for only $21 per person, children and seniors are discounted.  Also make sure to get the discount coupon which is available on their Web Site, or click below.

      Click Here for the Coupon      
          No Bull  
          In the town of Southlake, just east of Keller in the town center are these bulls.  They are pretty interesting creatures or should I call them creations, check them out above  
      TEXAS WEATHER      


  Tornados   Thunderstorms   Hail Stones  
    Back around July 4th, 2005 we had a visitor in our home and decided we would do something with her that we would remember for a long time.  Posting these pictures helps us remember that time in our lives.  We started out to visit San Francisco, then went on to San Jose where we visited the Winchester Mystery House.  It is a strange historical site in California that everyone must see at one time or another.

<----- ----- ----- --- Click on Kayelee to see

  Keller Texas     -     Keller Texas    -    Keller Texas     -     Keller Texas     -     Keller Texas     -     Keller Texas     -     Keller Texas  
    Where the Hell is Keller Texas?  Click Here to find out    

Keller has an older section of town; the city charter was approved in 1955 and it was incorporated in 1958.

So the city of Keller is officially 50 years old.


The town of Keller is due north and slightly east of Fort Worth along highway 377, south of the town of Roanoke where my uncle Frank lives, and Keller is north west of Dallas.  It has a feel of a small town, but it is spread out so it covers a large area.  It is also just starting to grow as far as businesses which kind of reminds me of Folsom.  I miss how nice the town of Folsom looks, but I don't miss the crowds.

More pictures of Keller soon!


Even though Keller seems like a small town, they actually have 3 high schools here.  We are just down the road from Brandon's school, an easy drive there and back.  Brandon doesn't ride his bike to school like Shawn did, mainly because the roads are narrow and they have no bike lanes or sidewalks, and drivers don't seem to respect bike riders her like they do in California.

  A Beautiful Drive Down a Local Road, We Drive it everyday to go to wherever we go!  

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day;

teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks

  The McCann Family Reunions for 2006, 2007 and 2008  
  The McCann Family Reunion for 2009 has been cancelled.  Sharon our wonderful cousin who usually handles the organization and scheduling of the reunion had the great idea of moving it to Texas for this year.  She was going to move it to Lake Lewisville, and had already scouted out an area of fun in the sun.  But things just got too overwhelming for her and she was not able to finalize the plans in time to get the area, and by then it was too late to schedule it for the lake in Oklahoma.  Sharon is a great organizer, but this year just went too fast for her.  We thank you Sharon for the effort, and maybe you will have some help planning next years reunion.  Click Grandpa above for pics of previous years reunions.  

Do You ever wonder why Doctors call what they do, a Practice?


Don't you think it's time to start calling it Medical Services?


Did you know

Life is sexually transmitted


Taste Addison

          Taste Addison is an annual party that features live music, lots of food and arts and crafts vendors, it includes lots of beer and some wine tasting, carnival rides and more.  In 2007 it featured thunder storms and American Idol runner up Chris Daughtry, 2008 had some excellent entertainment and lots of good food, minus the thunder storms.

Excellent Food, Excellent Music and just Excellent


          The City of Addison is located about 20 miles east of Keller, and just north of Dallas, next to Farmer's Branch, the world famous city here in northern Texas for standing up and taking responsibility to reduce the illegal population there.  I wish other cities throughout the U.S. would do this.  Anyway this is about Addison Texas, click on the picture to check it out.



          Grapefest is an annual celebration of Texas Wines.  Because there are so many wineries in the Grapevine area, the annual event is held there in Grapevine Texas.  They had some good music, no headliners except the Romantics, however the bands they did have were pretty good.  Grapefest 2008 was rained on during the visit of Hurricane Ike, we didn't go this year, but we will report on it next year, many more festivals to go this year.


          The city of Grapevine Texas is located about 10 miles east of Keller, just north of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  There are many neat things to see in Grapevine besides the old town and this annual event.  They have a nice lake for recreation, a unique outlet mall, the Gaylord Texan which is one of the largest Resort Hotels I have ever seen, and many other neat things to check out.  Grapevine was one of our choices for purchasing a home, we looked at many there.  Click on the Grapefest Banner above to see the festival pics.


Self Checkouts may be more Convenient - But...


Self Checkouts may be convenient, and in some cases, faster, but we need to remember that as more and more jobs disappear the economy will go down hill.   Because fewer and fewer people will be able to afford to buy goods that manufacturers produce.  Why should we do our own checkout anyway?  They don't give you a discount for doing the scanning yourself.  The only thing I can see that makes it an incentive, is that you control the accuracy of the scanning, but not of the actual price that comes up.


Did you hear that people were taking advantage of the self checkouts at Home Depot to purchase large items like washers and dryers using stolen credit cards?  Home Depot allowed credit cards to be used for any amount without checking the ID of the user, millions of dollars were stolen before they discovered what was going on.


Be aware of incorrect scanning prices!


Personal service is going, going, going, gone...




My Nephew Chris goes Blogging.  Chris and his wife Rachelle adopted twin girls and they are such proud parents, that his blog is based on those girls and their life experiences.  To read his Blog, go here or click the pic!  Chris has posted pictures of the girls, him and his wife, and their friends, click here! to view the pictures...














San Francisco and the Bay Area


          The picture to the right was taken in San Francisco, California when Brandon was very little.  His picture is being sketched by a sidewalk sketch artist.  If you have ever been to SF, you will know about the sidewalk entertainment, it's all over the place and involves many different types of art, from sketchers, to robotics.  We went there one Forth of July with our niece Kayelee.  We spent most of the day in San Francisco, went to San Jose where we spent the night, then headed to the Winchester Mystery House for a tour.  We then headed to the south bay area, stopping a short time in Santa Cruz, it was way too busy, so we headed to Monterey to the bay and to the Aquarium.


          Click on the picture to see more of San Francisco, California!  There are more pictures that include Monterey Bay, get there from the San Francisco page.


One of my favorite places in California for sure!




Dee Bennett

My mother's father, he fathered 9 children.

          I am from Cowboy Roots!

Click on the picture for more of the Bennett Family








Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars

and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents?









Brandon's Friend Devin traveled all the way from Northern California to visit us here in Northern Texas


We had a good time while he was here

We enjoyed his stay very much!

          Click on the Picture to see the pages  
  Our First Visit to          

Click picture to view the page



          Fort Worth is known for it's historic past.  One of the most popular sites is the historic Stock Yards where they used to bring cattle to sell.  Now days it's a party place, with several night clubs including the World famous Billy Bob's.  They still have rodeos there, even inside the bar.  They have small shops and snack bars, restaurants and bars, there is something for the whole family.  We traveled there one day, just for something to do.  We stopped for breakfast at one of the restaurants, watched the daily cattle drive, saw some cowboys, and bought some junk.  We rode the Grapevine express train, it comes all the way from Grapevine every morning and goes back there every evening.  During the day it makes a few trips towards Fort Worth, we went on what they called the Trinity River Excursion.  We went towards Fort Worth for a piece, then they took the engine from the front of the train to the rear, and it then pulled us back to the stock yards.  It was a nice ride though, we were in an open car.


          One of the things I liked about the stock yards is that you could purchase a beer and then walk around the area drinking your beer.  I don't drink a lot, but I like a beer when I'm out and about.  Click on my picture to the left and see what we saw.  Click on Devin above to see pictures of the train ride, and more of the stock yards.

  Historic Stockyards in Fort Worth