Our trip was booked by Marisa a few months before, online using Expedia.  She has used Expedia in the past and has been rather happy with the experience.

          Shawn and Rachel planned their wedding for August 4th, several months ahead, at the time Marisa was going through the Police Academy and didn't know where she would be at the time of the wedding, but she knew she probably would not have time off.  She was right.

          Marisa really wanted to attend the wedding and felt bad that she couldn't attend, but she sent her love and congrats to Shawn and Rachel.

      Waiting for the Flight at DFW   Drinking his Caramel Latte Mocha Frappuccino  

          We flew out of DFW Airport early Thursday morning, and arrived at SMF (Sacramento International Airport) an hour later.  The flight actually took a little over 3 hours but because of the time change across 2 time zones, we were back in the 10:00 AM hour when we landed.

          We flew on American Airlines, it was a direct flight to Sacramento.  All went as scheduled, an uneventful trip.  Smooth sailing as they say.  Who are they?

      The Rental Car from Budget      

          We picked up our Rental car from Budget rent-a-car at the Rental Car terminal, just a short shuttle trip south of terminal B at Sac International.  The car rental went very smooth this time, the last time we rented a car, they charged us twice (double charges).  We rented from Alamo that time, this time it was Budget and the guy at the counter knew what he was doing.  It all took about 7 minutes and we were in our Chevy HH2 headed for Folsom where we had a room reserved at the Larkspur Landing.

          I want to say that I would prefer to drive my own vehicle and would avoid rental cars as much as possible.  Every time I have rented a car on my own, I was treated like a customer.  Every time I have received a rental car offered by a car dealer while working on my vehicle, I was treated like I didn't belong there, that I didn't take care of the vehicle, I destroy them, and don't return them on time.  I had such an experience when I recently took the Beamer in for service, read about it here.

      Larkspur Landing Hotel      

          We also booked our hotel room through Expedia, or at least Marisa did.  We arrived at the Larkspur Landing hotel in Folsom a little past noon, went to the front desk and the check-in took a mere 4 minutes and we had our room keys (cards).  They are very nice there at the Larkspur, we will stay there again for sure.

          Each room at the Larkspur Landing Hotel have full kitchens, with everything except a conventional oven, you can fix an egg breakfast there.  With a full supply of glasses and cups, plates and silverware, a toaster, stove top, microwave, coffee maker, and a full size fridge.

          We moved our stuff to the room and headed to the Men's Warehouse in Folsom where we had our tuxedos on reserve.  We needed to be fitted and they needed more money.


The Men's Warehouse


          Brandon was wearing his "Eat At Joe's" T-Shirt with this large Peace sign on it (see picture above).  One of the guys at the Men's Warehouse asked me about his shirt.  We talked about there is a Joe's somewhere in the Sacramento area, and then I told him; "that shirt was purchased in Grapevine Texas".

It was kind of a "Retro" day, with the panel truck rental and his peace sign shirt, felt like the 70's again.

      The Rehearsal Dinner      

          We had to be at rehearsal by 5:30 PM on Thursday which gave us plenty of time to get the tuxedos, return to the room and relax a little.  We had lunch just after picking up the tux's.  We went to Carl's Jr. for a Western Bacon Cheese Burger, been awhile since we had one of them.  They say there are Carl's Jr. restaurants here in Texas but so far the closest we have found is just into Oklahoma.  Too far for a burger.  We arrived in time at the Country Club for rehearsal, and at about 7:00 PM PST, we headed for Brookfield's in Rancho Cordova for our Rehearsal Dinner.  It was a nice dinner, serving Beef, Chicken, Salmon or Pasta.

          Brandon and I both had the salmon.  I am not much of a salmon eater but it was very good, had a spicy seasoning on it, and served with a garlic mashed potatoes.  Really good!

  Grandma McCann          

          The next morning, (Friday THE DAY) we got up and went for breakfast at I HOP there in Folsom. We went to Sacramento Container where aunt Sandie works and I still do work for. We visited there for a short time, took some pictures for their Web Site, visited some more,  then we headed over to Grandma's house just a few miles away.

  Cousin Dale          

          When we got to Grandma's house, Michael and Linda, and Allison and Hans, and their 2 kids, Michael and Linda's Grandchildren, and Grandma's great grandchildren, were already there visiting.  We had a good visit because it's been a long time since we had seen uncle Michael and Aunt Linda, but even longer since we had seen Allison and Hans.   We visited for a few hours then we went to cousin Dale's house just a couple blocks away.

      The Wedding      

          The Wedding was real beautiful, and Shawn and Rachel make a really beautiful couple.  We were almost late for the pictures; the Wedding wasn't due to start until 6:00 PM but the wedding party (included Brandon) was to be there at 4:15 PM.  We were almost late because my cousin Dale wouldn't let us leave; he has so many projects going on around his home that he couldn't tell us about all of them.  Sorry Dale, I will make sure I have more time to spend with you next time I'm in town.  We were on a tight schedule, I was driving on Hwy 50 saying to Brandon that we had to come back along Hwy 50 to go to the Wedding, he said "look over there Dad", I looked and it was stop and go traffic.  I didn't care, I was on a mission and we just needed to be at the hotel by 3:00 PM, we arrived at 3:05.  I knew we needed to be out of the hotel room by 3:45 giving us 30 minutes to travel to the Country Club.


          The Wedding was one of the most beautiful Weddings I have ever seen, something to remember for years to come.  I wish the happy couple a long and wonderful marriage, that they grow old together.  Have a wonderful honeymoon and we will see you guys soon.  The trip was very pleasant up to this point, we returned to the hotel room to get some sleep for the easy trip home in the morning, so we thought.

      The Fun Starts Here      

          When we arrived back to the airport for our 11:36 AM flight, we were about an hour and a half early, even after dropping off the rental car.  We checked in and got our boarding passes and checked our one piece of luggage, and went through the security check point, (check, check, check).  We waited until about 12:10 before they said something was wrong with the plane's instruments and there would be a delay of about 20 minutes.  Then they said they needed a replacement part from San Francisco and they would drive it here from there.  Why not fly it?  After another 3 and 1/2 hours, we all boarded the plane, what was left of us, (many of the travelers had missed their connecting flights by now and made other arrangements).  Then came the more news; "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the captain of the plane and it is my job to give you the bad news, the part that was driven here from San Francisco is the wrong part and the crew is now illegal" Time to deplane.  We went straight to the ticket counter and got booked on an Alaska Airlines flight to Portland at 8:40 PM and got the last 2 tickets on the flight to DFW at 11:50 PM out of Portland Oregon.  The good news is just starting.


          Because we just purchased tickets to Portland out of the blue for no reason, we were both tagged as possible terrorists and sent through the SSS, (Super Security Shit).  That's where they probe you, frisk you and rub cloth pads all over your belongings.  They knew I wasn't happy about this shit, so they decided not to put Brandon through the frisking and probing shit.  We finally got through the security mess without further incident.  The security idiot that frisked me told me that "when you log onto the free wireless Internet, your ISP charges you $6.50", the first thing I thought was, this is the guy that is protecting my country from people like me.  Then I said, "how do they know who my ISP is?", cause ya see, there is no possible way in hell that my ISP would even know I was logging on to their wireless connection.  We gathered up our belongings and made our way to the gate.  I think if there was another problem with our flight and we had to go through that again, holy Jihad!

          We boarded our Alaska Air flight with no further issues, and we had half of the plane to ourselves.  The plane was half full, literally.  We arrived in Portland an hour later and waited for the next leg of our journey.  We arrived at DFW airport at around 5:12 AM on Sunday, about 12 hours later than expected, but it could have been worse.  An behold, our one piece of luggage was the third item off of the luggage carousal, I could not believe it, I almost cried.  And my truck was in the same spot I left it, wow who would have imagined.

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