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           We would like to take this opportunity to tell all of our family and friends, we hope you have a happy and safe New Year for 2008.  We hope the New Year will bring you new opportunities to improve your life, health and relationships.

          Time is going by so fast these days, find time to slow down or stop and tell your family and friends how you feel about them.  Make sure they know you love them.  We all need to slow down a little and enjoy life.  Live each day to the fullest.  Stop worrying about being politically correct and stand up for what you care about.

          We love you all!  Gary - Marisa and Brandon...




Life is short, just make the most of it...


Shawn and Rachel visit;

          We took a trip to California the last week of November.  When we returned to Texas, Shawn and Rachel were on the plane with us.  They were able to stay for a few days, but had to get back to Sac. because Rachel had finals in school.  It was a relaxing time for Shawn and Rachel because, other than the day after our return, Marisa and I had to work, and Brandon had to return to school, and Marisa had to work on the weekend, so there wasn't much time to run around.  We had dinner at Anamia's in Southlake the first night.  Tex-Mex is very popular in Texas.  We then relaxed and did a little shopping and not much more.  A couple of movies, and another dinner at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant in Wataga.  Shawn and Rachel borrowed the truck and went to Southlake's shopping center, and took in a movie at the theatre.

           Rachel and I put up the Christmas lights on Saturday morning.  She told me she would be happy to help.  They left on the following Sunday back to Sacramento, getting ready for the Christmas season.

Thank you Rachel, for your help!



              We traveled to Sacramento and Reno a few weeks ago to visit our family and friends.  We spent time with Gary's family in Sacramento and Marisa's family in Reno.  We also spent time with our friends, Sandy and Jerry, Kristen and Kids, Marina and Martin, and of course the Morin's.  Andy Morin was (at least at the time) the Mayor of Folsom, latest word is he is no longer Mayor, he stepped down to spend more time with his family.  He is still on the City Council as far as we know.  It was nice spending the evening with the Morin's, and is was great spending most of our stay in the Sacramento area with their son Devin, i.e., Devin is our long distance son.  We went to the Folsom City Tree Lighting Ceremony and then to dinner with Devin, his family and friends.  The first night in Sacramento, we met friends at the Round Table Pizza parlor on Riley street, we were looking forward to having dinner at Folsom Family Pizza, but found them to be closed, they sold out to Mountain Mikes, haven't tried MM for some time, but I don't think it's the same as FFP was.  We also made sure we ate a Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl's Jr. and a sub sandwich at Port of Subs.  Just a few food places we don't have here in Texas.

          On Saturday we went to Grandma McCann's house.  We were met there by the local family members which included, Sandy and Cas, Josh and Brenda, Roger, and Shawn, (Rachel was at a soccer tournament).  And of course Grandma was also there.  Sunday we headed to Reno, to visit Marisa's mom, her sister Janina and our niece Kayelee, and her brother Louie.  We stayed until the afternoon on Monday, we had lunch with Janina and Kayelee at Port of Subs, then headed back to Sacramento.  We were very tired by this time.

          We are sorry that we didn't have time to visit everyone.  Our visit was limited to just 6 days, and 2 of those were travel days.  If we didn't see you this time, hopefully we can see you next time.  And remember, if you are ever in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you are welcome here anytime.  May God bless you all.




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