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          I hear from Shawn just about every week now.  He is still in the same place where ever that is.  He is homesick by now, missing his wife mostly.  He said some days are interesting and he is able to stay busy, but most days are boring and drag on.  He should be home soon.  Hang in there son, time only goes by fast if your having fun.  He is calling on the phone often, about once a week or so, and Emailing me.  I sent him a picture of himself at birth; something I found going through my mother's picture box.  It was a birth announcement I sent to my mom when he was born.  8 lbs 1/2 oz, but shorter than Brandon.  Shawn was 20 and 1/2" long, but his little brother Brandon was 21" long.  Watch out Shawn, your brother is catching up!


Hang in there son, time only goes by fast if your having fun...


Brandon - Webmaster


          Brandon is in the 11th grade this year, it doesn't seem possible.  He is taking a couple of computer classes; he is getting more into the operation of the computer, i.e., programming, configuration, and Web Authoring.  This is exciting news to me because I need to learn more about the Web stuff, especially php development, and I am hoping Brandon's class will cover that and then he can teach his dad.  His programming class is covering Java Scripting, which is another popular language used in Web Sites, for example, if you look at my Photo Gallery pages; when you click on a thumbnail, you get a larger picture in the middle of the screen, clicking on that closes it, the programming to make that happen is Java Script.  Also if you go to my Halloween main page, and see little ghosts floating around, that too is Java.  Some cool stuff is coming to our Web Site.


Check out Brandon's Web Site Here!




          A bunch of us joined FACEBOOK last week.  It was all started by Chris Castleberry, and then all of a sudden, several of us are now friends; I would never have thought.  Facebook is a Web Site like MySpace but a little different because it makes it easier to communicate with each other.  FaceBook is more directed towards finding friends and communication.  It takes time to keep things up to date, kind of like this newsletter, but your family and friends feel like you are right there.  I remember one thing I read from my cousin Natalie who said she feels strange referring to herself as a 3rd person.  I thought that was funny and correct, it does seem a little weird.  If you would like to join us, just create a profile, then search for one of us.  Once you request to be our friend, we will send you links to others on our list.













          Pictures on my Web Site are low res so they load in your browser faster but they are not good for printing.  So remember that any picture you like in any news letter or on the Web Site, you can have (in full resolution) for free.  All you have to do is Email me explaining which picture it is you want.  Let me know what type of internet connection you have, and any Email file size limits.  There is no limit to the number of pictures you can have.  Email me at;




          Don't forget to check out my Photo Gallery section on the Web Site.  There are over 100 photos and it's growing all of the time.  There is also a comics page.  Click below to see.


Gary's Photo Gallery



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Picture Archives



The Bennett Bunch


          For those related to the Bennett's who haven't heard about the Utah Bennett Bunch's Group on MSN, you can go here to apply;



          Christie Bennett has created a Private Group where you can go to see pictures, and upload some also.  It is totally private so you must be a member and you must log in to view them.  There are other things a group does, like announcements on a message board, and things like Photo Albums of course, and also chat rooms.  More information on MSN Groups here;




Join the Group and Keep in touch with our Utah family




Winter is dreary but Fall has some fun times


          Now that school as started back up, we are all getting back into the Winter grind; my least favorite season; one thing I am looking forward to is Halloween.  As some of you know, I do a little decorating for Halloween.  My neighbors know what I'm talking about, right Bruce?  When we lived in Folsom on Stoney Hill Drive, we had several fans, but one kid comes to mind.  I think he was very young, maybe 6 or 7 when one year, (we had been there 3 or 4 years by then) something kept me from setting up my decor, which I usually do 2 or 3 weeks early, but this time for some reason I was late, not that late but by this kid's calendar, I was late.  His mother came to the house one day, knocked on the door and asked me; "you are doing your Halloween decorations again this year, aren't you?"  I said "yes, why do you ask?" and she said; "my son is bugging me every day that you don't have your grave yard setup, so please set something up!"

          That is exactly why I go to all of the work, and let me tell you, it's a lot of work pulling everything down out of the attic, setting up the props, and the electrical goodies, lights and sounds, and all the extras, besides making something new every year.  I usually start real early like right now pulling stuff down and setting it up, working a little everyday.  I will post pictures on the 2008 page each day or 2 while I am setting things up if anyone is interested in how that happens.  The icon to the right will take you there ---------------->



Doug & Christie and Kids


Click above to view the 2008 page



Secret Family Recipes


          I have added a page to the secured section of our Web Site where I am posting some family recipes.  Some of these are family secrets that we don't want to get out, but that we do want to share with our family, and friends.  You will have to log in to be able to download the recipes, so if you don't have access yet, go Here to get it.  If you already have access, go download some recipes.  We of course need more recipes for the page, so if you have a dish you like very much and you would like to share with your family, send it on.


Mom's Barbeque Sauce is sooooo good

and easy to make!



File Sharing Program


          Coming soon to our Web Site is a program that will allow you to upload files like pictures, freeware programs, home movies, etc. to share with family and friends.  I will send out a newsletter from time to time letting you know what is there for the grabbing.  It is a secure section much like the Secured Web Site, but this program is automated in the username and password creation, I don't have to do anything but upgrade your default level.  When you first create an account and log in, all you will be able to do is view the files, however in just a short period, your level will be upgraded to a user with all privileges of a regular user like, create directories, upload files, download files, and Email files.  It should be a fun place to hang out.  This feature is in the final stages of testing, I want to make sure the security works before I release it to the masses.


You will be able to upload a zip file full of pictures, contact several individuals, and they will be able to go download them.


Family Recipes






File Sharing/File Manager




          Our privacy policy is very simple.  We do not give out information to anyone unless they are an immediate relative.  We do not give out personal information to anyone.  We will not post addresses or phone numbers unless specifically asked to do so, and then only within the secure section of the Site.


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          Sign someone up to receive this newsletter.  If you find a family member or friend is not on our mailing list and you know they would enjoy receiving it, sign them up.  Go Here to send a request.  Or if you are sick and tired of getting this newsletter, use the same form to cancel and remove your name from the list.


          Don't forget about my Downloads Page on the Web Site.  I will try to place links to important programs and utilities from time to time for you to download.  I know some of you still have dial-up access so I will try to make things smaller to download faster to your machine.


          I have added some links that I think some of you will enjoy, if you haven't checked them out before, check them out now.  Especially check out Google Earth.  If you haven't seen what it is, download it and install it, you can zoom in on anyplace on earth.  It also includes Google Sky, which shows the night sky and all of the stars.  You can see what the sky looks like from your house, right on your screen.  My Links Page...  I found out recently that it also has a flight simulator which is hidden like an "Easter egg" (a small program or movie hidden in a program or utility).  I will post how to find it next time.


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Gary McCann




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