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A Senior Already


          This is Brandon's last year of High School.  He is already a senior which makes me feel old.  He has enough credits that he is able to skip his 4 period, so he gets out earlier.  Hopefully he can find a job and make some money to start saving for a car.  He also got his driver's permit and is now starting to learn the "coming of age" ritual, to DRIVE!  We looked at our car insurance and it pretty much doubles when he gets his license, so he has to work at least to pay for some of that increase.  Brandon hasn't decided what he wants to focus on in college, but he is taking several computer classes this year, and has taken several in the past.  I'm sure he will decide to do something that has to do with computers, and most likely more in the software development, as he ahs shown interest in Web Site software like Java, and PHP.  He has to have his driver's permit for 6 months before he can get his license, and we have to document his training.  The laws are getting stricter here in Texas for young drivers, with restrictions on who can ride with him and the use of cell phones.  Texas just passed a law which requires everyone in a car to wear a seatbelt.  The new law takes effect tomorrow, and for today, you can still ride in the back seat with wearing your seatbelt.




Bennett Family Reunion

Saturday September 5th, 2009


          In the last newsletter I mentioned that our family has a family reunion just about every year.  Well it is time for the Bennett Family Reunion.  If you didn't receive and info on the reunion for this year, my sister Sandie is heading up the committee.  You can contact her at scastleberry52@sbcglobal.net however it may be too late to order dinner, but maybe not.  I think they always purchase more than they need just in case there are those that are late to send in their RSVP.  It sounds like it will be very large this year, and will be held in Lodi, California at Micke Grove Regional Park at the Bear Creek Shelter.  Click Here for a map of the park.  The shelter can handle 100 people, and I hope this year it is full.  Please take many pictures, and send me some, I will post them on the Web Site.  I'm sorry I can't make it this year, we will be planning a trip to visit California and Nevada as soon as we can afford it.  The cost of travel is a little high right now, but we have to do something soon.  It's a pretty good deal at just $8 a person for food, parking is $5 per car, and except for poker, the games are free, and it could be like a few years ago, the first time Marisa played Bocce ball, she teamed up with Uncle Ray and won, they got a real nice trophy (discarded drink can on a stick).



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Power of Google


          One morning I came into my office and checked my Email as I do every morning, but this particular morning something was different.  In the subject line it read; "I don't believe it...", then it went on about how his wife was goggling their names and found mostly expected results, except one she found for this guy.  It was a small blurb on my "Beer" page at the bottom telling about when I was in college, and about how I met this guy, and I put his name.  The article was about a year old, maybe two, but for this small paragraph to be pulled up when this guy's name was entered into the search field of Google, it was amazing and I also had to say, "I don't believe this".  My friend John and I haven't seen each other since college, graduating in 1986, we went our separate ways.  He was from Iowa and me from California, and now he is in Tennessee and me in Texas, we haven't see each other yet, but we will meet soon, but for now, Email works well.


The power of the Internet, try it, Google yourself...



A lot of yard


          There is not a lot going on at the McCann Family Farm in Keller Texas these days.  Marisa's work shifts are changing and we spend as much time together as we can.  Other than that, I spend in the house or yard.  Our lot size is 3/4 acre and it takes a lot of work to keep it looking good.  The back yard is very large compared to previous homes we have been in.  Our house in Folsom had a small back yard, but it was even smaller once we put in the pool.  In fact it took longer to take the lawn mower around to the back yard, than it did to mow it.  Here it takes close to an hour to mow the back, at least it does me, Brandon can do it in about 40 minutes, but he drives the tractor at full speed, and you can tell.  Still it helps me out; I usually do the edging and trimming, and weed pulling and take care of the pool.


          Marisa said at one time that the yard is too big for me to take care of.  And I have to admit that sometimes I just don't feel up to going out there and doing some of the heavier work, but I need the yard work to keep me fit.  I have a hard time exercising, but a few hours in the yard and I feel pretty good, except for the major pain in my back, and the fact that sometimes I can't walk for a couple of days, but that only happens when I don't pay attention to my limitations, which I know I have.  It makes a good exercise plan.  Next year I will put in that veggie garden I have been wanting since we moved in.




Halloween again!


          I can't believe it is getting time for me to go out in the garage and start planning for this years Halloween haunt.  I think I did a good job last year, and we actually had a few adult visitors, (friends over for drinks) because it was a Friday night.  Brandon enjoyed that because he was able to get out and work the haunting with a friend, and he didn't have to do a lot of the building.  Little does he know, I am going to utilize his size this year.  I normally start a couple of weeks before the big day and take a day off of work just before to do the final touches.  Last year my big addition was the hanging cage, which turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  I don't know yet what I will add this year, but my mind is already turned on to the idea.


          This year Halloween is on Saturday Night, which is a dream come true and will not happen again for many years.  That means I need to start a little earlier so I can create a really great haunt.  Keep an eye on the Web Site for pictures of the layout and development.  Go to the Halloween Page by clicking here...


Brain Engaged - Time is a wastin!















  Steve's Time Wasters  

          Steve Bass used to write for PC World magazine and just a year ago PC World laid off several of their staff; as Steve put it, "the higher paid portion" and of course Steve was one of them.  He then started this newsletter, and I joined his mailing list at the start.  If you write Steve an Email, he will answer it personally.


          I enjoy reading the many ideas he has and some of his product reviews.  He prefers Fire Fox and I prefer IE but we agree on many other issues and it's nice to receive the newsletter every week to discover some really neat tricks, nice search tools, some good free software and especially his "Time Wasters", he digs deep to bring several each week.



Surfing Dog

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Garage Door Opener

Sure it's a little long and definitely sexist. But you've have to admit the Automatic Motorcycle Garage Door Opener is funny.


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