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Friday, September 5th, 2008



          I said in the beginning that I wanted this newsletter to bring only good news to our family and friends.  Bad news is depressing and causes people to cry and feel down.  Today I need to send this out, because in a way it is good, but at the same time it is very sad.


          Most of you already know that our mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt, great aunt and friend, Mildred (Midge) McCann passed away on Monday, August 25th.  She had lived a full life and it was time for her to go, to be with our Dad, our brother, her mom and dad and all of our loved ones who have passed before us.


She is at peace now

and I have dedicated this newsletter to her memory






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          We held the services for mom on Friday, August 29th at the Sacramento Memorial Lawn facility where mom, dad and Bobby are buried.  We did not have a memorial or a funeral, we held, as they called it, a gathering.  We had family and friends come from all over to attend the gathering, and bring their love and thoughts, and to be with us at our time of great need.  I have two wonderful brothers and and totally irreplaceable sister, not that my brothers aren't.  But my sister has been our mothers right hand for several years, as she began to grow older and more frail, my sister was there to help her in so many ways.  She was so selfless and thoughtful, only caring how things were going with our mother and not so concerned with her own life.  She reminds me so much of my dad.


          By the time everyone arrived at the gathering, our mother had already been laid to rest.  No one attended the burial except my father, as it was the wishes of our mother that we not attend, to save us from some unhappy thoughts.  We visited the grave site with family and friends but did not hold the services there.  After we said a few words about her in the chapel, (thank you Gene for the eulogy), we all moved into the Silk Room for some food and conversation.  We really appreciate everyone who attended, and everyone who wished they could be there.  Shawn called and told me that he felt bad that he couldn't be there, I told him not to feel bad, I wasn't able to make it to my Grandmother's service because I was having a son (Brandon).  I told Shawn, that he is there for a reason, he has a mission and to please stay safe.


          I have put together a photo page of the gathering Here.  Make sure you check out the poem for our mother written by our sister Sandie.  I hope you enjoy the page.  I will add some information about mom to the memorial pages of both the Bennett family and the McCann family because she was so much of both, a Bennett and a McCann.


          Please keep in mind that this newsletter is meant to inform you of family news and also to send you our thoughts and love.  We need to continue our family reunions forever; it gives the younger crowd an opportunity to get to know and appreciate us older folks, and our elders get the chance to see all of the young ones.  We are all so busy these days; I find it hard some times to pull away to do something as simple as go out to dinner.


Our Love to you All...





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