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Memorial Day


          One thing we used to do when I was much younger and lived in California was to visit my Dad's grave on Memorial Day.  My sister and I would take our mom to the cemetery and place flowers on Dad's grave, and we would also stop by and visit the grave of our brother Bobby, who died at a very young age.  This year our mother lies next to our father and I know it will be tough on my sister, but she will most likely still go.  Memorial Day is a day to honor our fallen solders who defended our freedom.  Most Americans celebrate Memorial Day by visiting the cemetery and remembering all lost love ones.  Our parents and brother are buried at Sacramento Memorial Lawn, in the south area of Sacramento, and our grand parents on the Bennett side are buried in Lincoln, California.  This newsletter is dedicated to them, and to all of our family members who have passed.

May you all be remembered for eternity


How about we remember our friends too!






          On Memorial Day weekend we usually bar-b-q some ribs or burgers or chicken or some other item on the grille.  Something about the holiday says Bar-B-Q.  I have a recipe handed down from my mother that has been a favorite in my family for years.  It's a sweet tangy sauce that makes ribs or burgers mouth watering.  My wife took the recipe and added her own twist which makes it even better (1 premium beer).  Click below to open a printable copy of the famous BBQ Sauce from Midge McCann;


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There's nothing better than Home made sauce!


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Home Made BBQ Sauce


Here I am with my cousin Judy, applying mom's special home made sauce





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2009 McCann Family Reunion


          Our cousin Sharen is usually one to organize our annual reunion for the McCann family, and many of our aunts, uncles and cousins look forward to it year after year.  I want to make sure Sharen knows we appreciate her efforts every year organizing it.  Sharen had so many things going on in her life lately that she was overwhelmed and was not able to organize the reunion this year.  An annual reunion is very important because we aren't getting any younger, and if we skip too many years, no one will recognize anyone.  It's ok to skip a year or 2 because we all know life as you get older goes much faster, and now that we have computers and the Internet, we can do way more in a given day, which makes life go even faster.  Sharen did try to organize something for this year, she was even looking to have it here in Texas at a local lake.  Thank you Sharen for all of the years you organized this thing, and maybe next year we will all get together again.  In the mean time, we could organize a local picnic or something.  Cousin Dale mentioned that he will be in the area this year, visiting his daughter and grandkids in Missouri.  I hope this doesn't change your plans, we would love to see you guys.


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Bennett Family Reunion


          The Bennett family is also into reunions.  I haven't been to one since 2003, but at that reunion I got to visit with 2 of my cousins who have since past away.  I look back on those times and remember having fun spending the day with all of my family, or at least everyone who could make it.


          I understand that the organizing of the Bennett reunion is now in the hands of my generation.  We used to rely on our parents, aunts and uncles to organize it but now it's up to their kids.  I hope to make another Bennett family reunion soon, so please keep them going.  One thing that was fun at the Bennett reunion was the game of Bocce Ball.  In fact we had Bocce Ball tournaments at every reunion, and Marisa won first place along with her team mate, Raymond Bennett at the 2003 reunion.  The reunion that year was at the Stockton Gun Club, where my aunt and uncle, Sue and Carl are long time members.


To View Bennett Family Reunion Pictures - Click Here


Reunions are fun and usually full of food!




New Roof?


          I was joking with my brother Roger about the number of roofing signs sprouting up around here.  We were talking about the spring flowers, and how they have been popping up all around, I told him there are more roofing company signs than flowers popping up around here.


          Back at the end of March, we had a pretty severe storm which produced some very large hail stones.  We didn't have as large of stones around our house as other parts of our town did, at least I didn't see any.  We had about the size of golf balls, and in some areas they had baseball size and larger stones.  I didn't see much damage to my roof at first, a piece of shingle pulled loose from the wind, that was all.  I knew I needed to get some repairs, but never even thought, "New Roof".  My insurance adjuster said that a comp roof in Texas lasts an average of about 8 years, no matter what type of comp roof you have, either a 20 or 30 or 40 year, of course the better the materials, the better it will withstand a hail storm.  In California we didn't have weather like this so if you needed a new roof, it usually came out of your own pocket.  My adjuster spent about 45 minutes up there, jumping from peak to peak, with a clipboard around his neck and a tape measure.  When he came down he said, "you need a new roof", and indicated to me that he found more than one area that looked like racquet ball size hits.  One thing I don't understand is all of the sizes of hail stones, and I can't figure the difference in racquet ball and tennis ball, or baseball.  Or ping pong and golf ball, maybe ping pong aren't as hard.


          We have never filed a claim with our insurance company for anything relating to the home, so we felt somewhat guilty about having our insurance company foot the bill.  Then I was told, that I have been paying into the same insurance company for 18 years, and that in Texas, a roof lasts just a short time and has to be replaced due to damage, so we shouldn't feel bad about it.


So now we don't feel so bad!  Bring on that new roof...



McCann Family Reunion


Bennett Family Reunion







Estimated at Golf Ball Size


There were larger stones out in the yard, but these were two that I could reach and not get wacked.  The trees looked like they had been in a tornado or something, most of the spring foliage was on the ground, all over the yard!



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