Friday, May 16th, 2008


           We are doing good these days.  Looking forward to the tax rebate; we always welcome money.  We went to the Taste Addison festival, with crafts, food, drinks and more food, where all of the restaurant merchants setup booths and sell dishes to show the visitors what to expect when they go to the restaurant; we go every year.  Brandon will be driving soon, so he was more interested in entering to win a new car, than he was in the festival.  We had a good time, but we only got to go on Friday night, Saturday was a workday for Marisa.  More on the Taste Addison Festival here!


          I mentioned that Brandon will be driving soon.  He is 15 and a half and should be signing up for a driving school in the near future.  He wants to get a car of his own, but of course wants mom and dad to foot the bill for both the car and insurance.  We will help him as much as is needed, but Brandon will need to foot some of the bill, especially for the gas.  And of course, his car will be one with better gas mileage than either of ours, especially my gas guzzler.


Taste Addison Festival





          Remember that any picture you see here or on my Web Site, you can have for free.  All you have to do is Email me explaining which picture it is you want.  Let me know what type of access you have, and any Email file size limits.


          I was contacted by my cousin Sharen this last weekend asking for all of my family pictures from the McCann side.  Well that is no easy task, there are so many that I have to check some of my archives.  I had to setup a special download page for her and archived everything into 20Mb zip files.  I haven't heard from her yet, but she should have most of what she wanted.


          Don't forget to check out my new Photo Gallery section on the Web Site.  There are over 100 photos and it's growing all of the time.  There is also a comics page.  Check it out here!



Picture Archives


Gary's Photo Gallery




Over Seas and Headed In


          Shawn is now in Kuwait where he will be until they move into Iraq.  He called on Mother's Day to wish Marisa a Happy day and to let us know where he is now.  He called me last week and told me he was headed out; he was in Maine at the time.  Hang in there Rachel, he will be home soon, and if you need anything while he is gone, just let us know.


There's a new Cop in town


          In the town of Pantego that is.  Marisa accepted a position with Pantego Texas, she had to go through some more training, but in the position of Police Officer, no one can get too much training.  She seems to be real happy there, although she misses the people she worked with in Irving, her new family in Pantego will make up for the loss.  She told me about one officer from Pantego went to the Irving Jail to pick up an inmate to transport him back to Pantego, he was given a lot of crap, called a poacher, and most likely other names, he said he was blind-sided and didn't realize what was going on for awhile.  It just shows how the folks at the Irving Jail like Marisa very much and still miss her for sure.


2008 McCann Family Reunion


          It is again time for the annual McCann Family Reunion in nearby Oklahoma.  It will be held again at the peaceful Buckhorn Camp Grounds, the same as the last few years.  If you haven't secured your site by now, contact Sharen to see if any spaces are left, or contact your favorite aunt or uncle and bunk with them.  I hope it is a good turnout this year.  There are still several cousins I haven't seen.  I hope all our kin can make it this year.  The reunion is the last weekend of this month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 30th to June 1st.


Shawn and Rachel

in Keller Texas, 2007




Pantego PD's New Cars

Dodge Charger V8




Next Reunion

May 30th thru June 1st



Windows 7?


          Is there a new Windows OS in the making.  Microsoft is being quiet about it but according to PC World Magazine, the new OS code named Windows 7 will be out in late 2009 or early 2010.  I spoke to a Microsoft Engineer lately about some of my experiences with Vista, and he would not elaborate, nor would he confirm the new OS, only saying that XP took a few years to iron out the bugs, and that Microsoft was committed to making Vista the new XP; well I ended up downgrading back to XP, mainly because my programs are not completely compatible with Vista, especially the one's I use on a daily basis, like Adobe Acrobat which crashes under Vista.  My Photoshop is not real stable, and it is not supported by Adobe under Vista, so I would need a whole new version of my most important software programs to upgrade to Vista.


          Soon we will have to upgrade to Windows Vista, or wait for Windows 7, or purchase a MAC.  I would love to have a MAC because of all of the graphical things I work on, ie.e, photos, video, etc., MAC's are supposed to be better for that, however now that Apple's processor is made by Intel, that may not be so true, and again, all of my software would have to be replaced.


Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista


          Don't forget about my Downloads Page on the Web Site.  I will try to place important files there from time to time for you to download, or link to the vendor's Web Site, which ever is easiest for you.  I know most of you have dial-up access so I will try to make things smaller to run faster on your machine.


          I have added some links that I think some of you will enjoy, if you haven't checked them out before, check them out.  Especially check out Google Earth.  If you haven't seen what it is, download it and install it, you can zoom in on anyplace on earth.  It also includes Google Sky, which shows the night sky and all of the stars.  You can see what the sky looks like from your house, right on your screen.  My Links Page...



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