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Spring is here


          Today is the first day of spring.  What that means for us in the mid-west is tornado season, severe weather and large hail stones.  We don't seem to have much severe weather here in the Dallas area, but when I lived in Arkansas while in the Air Force we had several tornados a year.  Here in Texas the place that seems to get the most is Wichita Falls, which is on the Red River along the Oklahoma State line.  I lived there while in Tech School many years ago, and during a short stay I remember about 20 tornados in the area.  Spring in Texas is a really nice time, the temp are mild, low humidity, and everything starts to green up after a winter of brown.  I remember in California, the winters are more green, because the winter grasses start to grow, so along the roads it's nice and green.  Anyway my point is spring is the time to get outside and dust off the mold, breathe the fresh air, and get some exercise by working in the yard.  Yes spring is my favorite season.



A New Year and a New President


          We are already into a new year and we now have a new President.  I hope for all of our sakes, that he is very successful.  He has a big responsibility and a lot of challenges to face.  With the economy at it's worst in many years, and war going on in 2 countries, as well as the on going unrest in the middle east, I would not want to be the President today.  Some times major changes in the Presidency causes other major changes, and hopefully, this time it is for the better.  Bring our troops home and boost the economy Obama.  Spend the billions on our own country, that alone will boost the economy.  If we spend it on fences, security personnel and technology, and make sure we buy America, it will create jobs, even in the private sector.  People like Rush Limbaugh say they want him to fail, but my opinion is that his failure is our problem, and I don't want anymore problems.  But I sure hope he changes something soon, and success to all of you this year.



          My aunt who lives in Bakersfield, an original Bennett, sends me Emails all of the time.  I don't know where she gets them all, but she finds so many of those funny or sad or beautiful Emails circulating, and I am on her mailing list.  I don't usually pass them along to others, because for one I don't want to duplicate, and 2, some of them are just not me.  But I love getting them from her, some of you may not like them but I do, and I look at every one of them.  I call them "Time Wasters" and I have a Web Page dedicated to these kinds of videos, stories, funny files, great pictures, PowerPoint's, games and more.  I get a newsletter every week from a guy who used to work for PC World Magazine, his name is Steve Bass, and one of the best sections in his newsletter are those time wasters.  Click on the Clock to see my page.  Here is a good one, with the frog to the right.  This is a custom error page, known on the Web as error 404 page not found, and it is something you stumble upon if the page you think you are looking for is no longer available, as long as you are in the correct domain, you will pick up the custom 404 page if they have one.  Click on the error 404 image and you will see the page, a lot of work went into this one.



Submit Your Story


          If you know of some family news, either on the Bennett side or the McCann side, or Malone, Taylor, Castleberry, Gibson, etc., etc., and want it included in the next newsletter, send it to me.  You can submit it using the feedback form Here, or Email me the information.  Include some pictures if you have some.  Get the word out, inform the masses...



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Time Wasters


Here's a good one

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          Pictures on my Web Site are low res so they load in your browser faster but they are not good for printing.  So remember that any picture you like in any news letter or on the Web Site, you can have (in full resolution) for free.  All you have to do is Email me explaining which picture it is you want.  Let me know what type of internet connection you have, and any Email file size limits.  There is no limit to the number of pictures you can have.  Email me at;


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Christmas in Seattle


          Like last year here in Texas, this month was a snowy one for the Seattle area.  My brother Mickey and his wife Linda sent some pictures of their yard on Sunday morning.  The caption said "Spring?" but in reality it was still Winter, at least it was until today that is.  Last year in March we got about 5" of snow here, it was on a Tuesday I think. I was working and I looked out the window in the office, and saw some very large snow flakes.  It didn't start snowing until late in the morning, and by the time Brandon got out of school, I was driving in 4X4.  I enjoyed the single day of snow, it was most likely nicer to be on a Sunday like in Washington, instead of the middle of the week, but I think we are all ready for spring.  This winter was a mild one for us but those folks on Bainbridge Island had several days of snow.  I'm sure the twins enjoyed every minute.






          Cousin Dale, in Sacramento uploaded some pictures using our file sharing program.  They were really good pictures of his trip to Mexico.  He and his wife Lisa took the pictures on one of many trips to Mexico, in fact they have been there so often, it's amazing they don't own a home there yet.  He said the other day he will upload more pictures soon of other trips in Mexico, and maybe I can get him to write a short story of some of his visits, at least the one's he remembers. Lisa help him out, send me some more pics.



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          You will find most of us on Facebook, we're usually hanging around, making some comment about the moment.  You can't do a whole lot with the pages, but it's nice to use to keep in touch.



Getting a lot of SPAM?

Email Spam that is...


          Are you getting a large amount of Spam Emails every day?  If you are, there are some important things to know.  Spam is unsolicited Emails you get from odd people you don't know trying to sell you medicines, watches, or any of a number of things, mostly selling something, but some are phishing scams trying to get you to enter your banking information online.  When getting a large amount of Spam, it is best to use a Spam Filter.  Most good filters cost money however, Yahoo has a spam filter that works better than many I have tried, and you can set it to hold them until you can go through them and select the ones that are not spam.  When getting spam remember these simple rules;


1. Never reply to the Email, even if it looks like it came from someone you know.  Replying just tells the spammers that your address is a working one.  Just delete them as you receive them.


2. Don't click on a link or open a file attached to the Emails.  Links most likely go to a poison Web Site, and files to download will most likely contain a Trojan virus.


           Eventually they will stop, or at least reduce in numbers.  But what causes Spam in the first place are Web Sites where you must enter your Email address to get free stuff.  Some Sites sell the information to spammers, and some Sites are hacked for the lists, so if you all of a sudden start getting spammed after signing up with a Web Site, chances are they were the ones who caused the Spam.  Some Spam is real dangerous, scams out of Africa and UAE, London and other locations, never accept an offer to send you more money than you are asking for when selling something on Craig's list or in the newspaper.  Scammers will tell you they need to send you more money, just cash the check and send the extra money back to them.  Some reasons for this are to make travel reservations to come and get the item, or shipping arrangements.  No mater what, never answer a Spam Email.  More information on this and other subjects are available on our Web Site.




Global Cooling







A New Look


          If you have been to the Web Site lately, you may have noticed that I have been working on giving the Web Site a slight new look.  Trying to make navigation a little easier, so everyone can enjoy all of the pages.  I have been working on this Site for almost 4 years, and it just keeps growing.  Late last year I thought I would have to delete some pages and their pictures in order to continue, however just before I ran out of space, my Web Host eliminated the package I was paying for and put me in a package that is a couple of dollars more, but gives me unlimited Web space, secure folders, and a few other really great features.  So the Site continues to grow.


Christmas Memories


          Every Christmas I try to get several pictures of the season from the first day of decorations, to the final day of the year, New Years Eve.  These pictures are our memories, the easiest way to remember the holidays, the laughter, the thoughts, and some of the crazy situations that go along with visiting friends and relatives.  I have created a page to display our Christmas memories of Christmases past.  Looking back before digital, I have stacks and stacks of printed pictures, and going through them trying to figure out which ones are for what year, especially if there is no printed date is tough to do.  I am displaying the pictures as I find them, check it out.  If you are in them, they are your memories too!




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          Don't forget about my Downloads Page on the Web Site.  I will try to place links to important programs and utilities from time to time for you to download.  I know some of you still have dial-up access so I will try to make things smaller to download faster to your machine.


          I have added some links that I think some of you will enjoy, if you haven't checked them out before, check them out now.  Especially check out Google Earth.  If you haven't seen what it is, download it and install it, you can zoom in on anyplace on earth.  It also includes Google Sky, which shows the night sky and all of the stars.  You can see what the sky looks like from your house, right on your screen.  My Links Page...  I found out recently that it also has a flight simulator which is hidden like an "Easter egg" (a small program or movie hidden in a program or utility).  I will post how to find it next time.


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Gary McCann



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