Feb. 18, 2007



           I will try to send out one of these newsletters every month or so.  While Shawn was in Iraq, I sent one out almost every week, however since then news has lessened (thankfully our lives aren't that exciting and eventful) and now things seem to be going slow and easy.  If you don't see any pictures in your Email newsletter, click here and you will be sent to a page where you can view all of the newsletters on-line.


          We are doing real good since we moved here to Texas.  We haven't seen most of my family (the McCann's, Malone's, etc. of Texas) yet, maybe this year's Family Reunion will be different.  We hope Marisa has some time off by then, otherwise they may have to visit us at home.  During last year's reunion, Marisa had a test scheduled with the city of Irving, it's a good thing she went to that, as she got the job, read below.  We miss California somewhat, especially our family and friends, however we don't miss the rude people.


          Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as my new neighbors have found out.  I decorate the house for Halloween more than I do for Christmas.  It takes me a week or more to get everything setup and I usually create a few new items each year, last year I made some rot iron fencing, a couple new tomb stones, and redesigned the facade to fit the new house.  Check it out here!


          Last year was eventful for one of our closest family members; my oldest son Shawn got married to a wonderful young lady that we are proud to welcome to our family, Rachel Henderson is now Rachel McCann.  It was a beautiful wedding in the beginning of August, with excellent California weather; we had a fun time.  Marisa was not able to attend the Wedding because of the situation with her job, and she is sorry she missed it, she has seen the photos of us guy in tuxedos and all, she too thought the Wedding was beautiful.  Click here to see the pictures of the Wedding if you haven't already, or click on the picture on the right.


May 2007 be the best year ever for you and your family!



WW2 Photo




          Remember that any picture you see here or on my Web Site, you can have for free.  All you have to do is Email me explaining which picture it is you want.  Let me know what type of access you have, and any Email file size limits.


          I am in the process of creating a new DVD with old pictures of the McCann family.  It will play in your DVD player, and will have sound (music).  If you are interested, let me know and I will put you on the list.  I need some help from a couple of my cousins, Sharen and Dwayne seem to have a lot of knowledge of our family, I could use their help in identifying the people in these pictures, and I could use some more pictures.




Marisa Graduates from Police Academy


          Marisa has graduated from the Police Academy a week ago and has started her job with the city of Irving Texas.  She is in Field Training at first, then she will receive some additional classroom training later on.  Her graduation was Friday, February 2nd at 3:00 PM at the Ruthe Jackson Center Ballroom, 3113 S. Carrier Parkway in Grand Prairie; I will post a few pictures when I can.  Keep an eye on the Web Site, they won't be up long.


Brandon Starts High School


          It's hard to believe my youngest son is in high school already.  Brandon turned 14 last October, man how time flies.  The older he gets tells me I'm not getting any younger.  He is a freshman, and the school year is about half over.




Sending Files over the Internet


          When you are sending files via Email, some of them don't get where they are going because of some new security programs or settings on the Internet or on your Software Program.  Files like Applications that end in exe for example are removed by most Email clients to prevent viruses from being installed on your computer.  Other files like Microsoft Access database files, which end in mdb are also removed by some clients like Outlook because they too can be used to transport and install virus files.


          The best way to transfer files over the Internet is to use ftp (file transfer protocol) to upload the file to an ftp server, then have the person you are sending the file to download it from there.  Another way is to post it on a Web Site like I do and they can download it from the Web Site.  If you have to Email a file, you should compress the file first but keep in mind, some zip files can also contain viruses and install a virus without extracting any files.


          If you are sending a zip file or jpg file to someone via Email, notify them first so they know to expect an attachment from you.  Keep your computer secure so you don't spread viruses to others, and if you do get a virus, remove it immediately, or get help to remove it, some viruses can destroy all of your stored pictures, spreadsheets, database files and more, some viruses can make your computer into a large door stop.


          If you think you have a virus, and you don't have up to date virus protection, you can go to the Symantec Web Site, or other sites and get a free scan of your computer.  They also have tool there to help eliminate some viruses and malware.


          If anyone has problems with their computer, before you call the Geek Squad, Email me and let me try and help.  I have several years of experience with computers and I will help any family or friend and I wouldn't dream of charging for my time.  If you have a question of have a problem you can't figure out, send me an Email Here or give me a call.  If you don't have my phone number, Email me and ask for it.


          If you don't see pictures on this newsletter, change your settings on your Email client to view Email in HTML, then open this newsletter, all of the pictures and links should be there.






For the Blondes


          I have added a "Downloads" page to my Web Site.  I will place programs and other files there from time to time for you to download, or I will link to the vendor's Web Site, which ever is easiest or best for the situation.  I know some of you still have dial-up access so I will try to make things smaller to run faster on your machine.  Also, check out my Links page, cool Web Sites are linked there!


Thanks for Reading My Newsletter!


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