Chicken Enchiladas for lunch   Sharen and Keith's new digs   Kickin it!  

         Even though we didn't camp this year, we still made sure we got there before the pot-luck lunch on the Saturday.  Like every year, there was a lot of food.  I don't think there were as many family members this year, but some that didn't make it last year were here this year.

  The HAM       Cute little pup  

          This year it was hotter than last year, we stayed in Sharen and Keith's motor home until lunch was ready.  It's nice to have a air conditioned place to go with television and DVD player, computers, a kitchen and bathroom, not to mention the living room couch. 


          We took our dog Cassie again this year, she was a pain.  We left the other dogs at home including Spike.  I think Cassie would have been better if we had also taken Spike.