One of the things I was excited about when we decided to move to Texas was that we would be able to meet my father's side of the family.  I always enjoyed visiting Texas and I have enjoyed being with my family.  This year Marisa had to take a test with the city of Irving, she had no choice and couldn't reschedule it, so we went to Oklahoma on Friday.  My cousin Sharen is the only one we had seen since we moved here, my uncle Frank lives real close and it was funny that we had to go all of the way to Oklahoma to see each other.  The reunion is not just those from my Grandfather's family, they included some from all 3 brothers, I will post some additional information as soon as I get it.

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      Dalton and his Grandpa Mark      
  Dalton   Brandon   Mark and Doreen  

          Most of the kin folk came on Saturday, we missed most of the family, as the main event was a pot luck lunch where they would all meet and discuss the changes that happened to our lives since the last reunion.  I wonder if they talked about us?  Sharen told me she was going early on Friday, and uncle Frank said he was going up on Thursday night so I knew someone would be there that knew about me.

  Mega-Fan   Dear cousin Sharen pitching a tent   Brandon  

          It was amazing how many of my family drive Ford Trucks.  It was like a Ford Truck Meeting.  And camp trailers, my wife got one look at Frank's trailer inside and said to me, "we are never going camping again without one of these".  I hope my uncle can find room at his place for mine, he already parks 2 of them in his driveway.  I met Mark, he lives in Paden, it is a small town in north west Oklahoma, my mother's birthplace.  I have actually been to Paden, it was about 36 years ago.  I met Mark's mom and dad, we stayed with them one night.  We also met other Paden family members from my father's side.

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  Fire bugs   More Fire bugs   Dear cousin Sharen pitching a bitch  
  The following pictures were provided by our cousin Karen Hett.  She was most gracious to send the pictures she took during that Reunion.  This was the first reunion we were able to attend, but we did not stay the night.  

Cousin Mark lives in Paden, OK, he said it's a little slower there.


Actually some say it's one notch above STOP.  Like Mavis, Mark's wife.  That must be real slow!


Mark was one of the non-shy members of the family, he came right out and introduced himself to us.  Marisa got a kick out of him.


I called my mother and asked her if she remembered Mark.  She remembers both Mark and his wife Mavis.  I didn't get a picture of Mavis, although we did meet her right after we arrived.  She was sitting with uncle Frank.'


What a bunch!


Doreen used to live in Sacramento.   She remembers Sandie and Roger, and I'm sure Michael.  I don't think I was around then, maybe a sparkle or something

I believe she too lives in Paden.  The town of Paden is where my mother and father grew up, went to school, and met.  My dad went away to the war (WW2) and mom moved out to California with her family, and that's why Roger, Sandie and myself were born out there.

Anyway we are in a sense Okies (transplanted)


          Cousin Doreen  

Uncle Frank lives just about 9 miles north of us in the little town of Roanoke, TX.  This was the first time we got to meet uncle Frank even though we were in the State for half a year.  I told him it was pretty bad that we had to travel to Oklahoma to see each other, since we live so close.