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This page is dedicated to the memory of my relatives on my father's side of the family.  Most of them past so early in life, and we all feel like we didn't get the chance to really tell them or show them how much we loved them!


After the loss of my cousin Otis is when I decided to create this section, to remember all of our family members, as they need to be remembered.


While you are visiting this page, please say a prayer for them.  We know they are watching over us.


  Edgar Kahle McCann 1921 to 1970    




Loving Husband of Mildred Bennett-McCann (Click Here for the Bennett Memorial Page)


Edgar Kahle McCann was a loving husband and father.  The type of person who once you spend your life with him, no one else could ever measure up.  So like my mother, you choose to live the rest of your life alone.  That is what I call unconditional love.  A twin at birth, Kahle as most people knew him was one of the most giving people I have ever known.  He would give people free gas because they came into his station late at night, begging for a little gas to get them home, they would pay him back they always said, but never did.  Oh there was one or two who did come in and pay him back for his generosity, but it was so few that he eventually lost the gas station.



    Mildred Louise Newton (McCann) and Husband Roy Newton  


  Louise and daughter Donna Military Picture  
  Now I lay me down to sleep Louise and Roy with Daughter at our house in Rio Linda  
  I pray the Lord my soul to keep   that's her great nephew Josh on her lap  
  Roy Newton with Edgar McCann   Louise and Aunt Johnnie  

          Mildred Louise Newton, I knew her as Aunt Louise, and primarily because my mother's name is Mildred.  Aunt Louise was the closest Aunt I had on the McCann side of the family, mainly because she lived so close.  I grew up with her son Dale.  Dale still lives in the Sacramento area, Janice too lives close by.  My sister was close to Janice's age and I am a somewhat older than Dale.

  Keith McCann    
  Keith was a Boat Mechanic Keith and Family    
  Keith and sister-in-law Mildred Keith and Family    

          Keith McCann was the twin brother of Edgar Kahle.  Keith passed away a few years after Edgar, during those years I had the privilege to get to know him.  While in the Air Force and attending Tech School, I visited Uncle Keith at Possum Kingdom Lake where he lived with his wife Joyce and their daughter Sharen.  After Tech School I spent my 2 week leave there at Possum Kingdom, helping around the place, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, (for free beer), etc.  I got to use his aluminum boat to cruse the lake, I mowed the grassy area with the riding lawnmower while Sharen brought me cold beers.  I had a great time.

  Twin Brothers Keith and Kahle      
  Others who have left us too soon in life  
  Send me some pictures of our family members who have past and I will post them here.  
  Cousin Otis Aunt Johnny    
  James (Jim) Mayo  
  Loving Husband of Donna Newton-Mayo  

          Jim was a loving husband, companion and friend to his wife Donna and, as many have commented, a “gentle man” who treated her and others with love and kindness.