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Edgar Kahle McCann

He was taken from us way too early in life, he was just 49 years old when he passed away

I can still remember him as if it were yesterday

            My dad, I knew him for about 15 years or so, he was taken away from me at the time when I needed him the most.  My dad was a great person; I have never met to this day anyone who is more friendly, who would do so much for a complete stranger.  My dad gave his shirt off of his back to help out people who he didn't know, I say this because, it was due to his generosity that he lost his business, Eddie's Beacon Service.  This man was taken from us because of his goodness!  Someone that good needs to be in a better place.  
            I did not get the opportunity to experience my dad as an adult.  Some of the things I know we would have done together is fish, I probably would fish more often now.  When I knew him, that's one of the things that stood out about him, that he was an avid fisherman.  I got to fish a lot with my dad, once I was old enough to sit still and be quiet and not scare the fish.  We would go to this one place, probably the most dangerous place to go in the Sacramento valley.  It was the fork of the American river and the Sacramento river.  Clear cold water from the American hitting brown muddy warmer water of the much larger Sacramento.  The currents were severe; a major undertow, we didn't swim there.  Although some did swim, and I remember one day, a young boy about 8 or 10 had went into the water to get a ball, lost his footing and went under.  He drowned; we didn't know him, he was with a bunch of kids, their parents weren't watching them as close as mine were watching us.  
          Kahle with a couple of Bennetts?  
          Our parents were very caring people. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up but we seemed to have everything we needed, especially the food. I am picky about the things on my table like the peanutbutter, milk and sugar, only because my mother never bought the generic versions of any of that stuff. My mother knew what was good and what wasn't and we learned from her. My father was a hard worker, often times working late at night to put more food on the table and give us a better life. I will always remember my parents and what I learned from them.
         Eddie as most folks knew him as, was in World War II and stationed in Germany for a year or 2. I have a lot of army pictures of my Dad, I may post more as I locate them. Some of the army pictures may not be scanned yet, and I may have to depend on my oldest brother to get those to me.
  This we believe is a letter to our Aunt Johnny from our father while he was in the Army and stationed away from our mother and brother Mickey.  The letter is dated October 17th, 1943 and if you notice, the postage is marked "free" as he was on active duty.  Click on a thumbnail to view the envelope or each page of the letter.  











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