About.com - Is a great site to look up those urban legends you get via Email quite often.  You know the ones about a computer virus that is so bad it will cause your hard drive to spin out of control.  This is also a good site to learn about anything, search "urban legends or hoaxes" to find an extensive list.

  Snopes.com - Like About.com, Snopes is primarily focused on true or false, especially if an Email virus warning is real or not.  With either site, you can copy the subject line into the search box on the sites main page and search the site for information pertaining to the subject.  For example, "Elvis Virus - destroys your hard drive in one second", copy the entire text line, and paste it into the search box.  Even if you paste it into your Google search, one or both of these sites will come up in your search.  They will tell you if the story is true, false, or both, and they will make it clear as to which part is true.

  HowStuffWorks.com - This site states it can show you how everything works, no matter what it is.  Look something up and find out, like a "Blender", you will find a basic description of a blender, some uses for one, recipes, and other links like to purchase one, top 10 reviews, and more.  
    ZABASEARCH.com - This site has more information on more people than any White Pages site anywhere.  Go to the Site and enter a name, select a State or all 50 States, then click Search.  It will come up with a list of several options in most cases.  If it only finds one person by that name it will actually display a map to their location.  Search yourself, I found myself several times, once at my old address in Folsom and actually once at my Mom's address in Sac.  I only lived there for 2 months once.  Have Fun...  
    Autopilot by Gmail - Do you ever feel that trying to answer all of your Emails is a struggle, that there are just too many to answer?  Check out this new product from Google; Gmail's Autopilot.  It will change the way you use Email in the future, but for now it's just an April Fools Joke, a very elaborate one at that.