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  I have placed links on this page that I feel are worth visiting.  There are no Trojan Virus links and all sites are family oriented.  Let me know if you have a Web Site you want posted here, or if you know of some interesting sites that folks should visit, let me know and I will post them here.  Send me the link and tell me a little about it, or to report broken links.  Go Here!  
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  Local News and Weather near Dallas - If you ever want to know what's going on where I live, click on one of the links here an you will get your fill.  Especially interesting is the interactive radar which allows us to zoom in on our neighborhood and see what's overhead from a birds eye view.      
  Things You Never Knew Existed - Cool Site with lots of items for sale.  Things I have never seen in stores before, so much stuff it takes awhile to look at everything.  See it here first at Things You Never Knew Existed . . . . . . . . Thanks Roger!  


       - This one was sent to me by Chris Castleberry.  It is a visual effect that when you stare at a dot, the black and white picture becomes color for a few seconds.  Really cool effect.  Thanks Chris  

  Free Animated Gifs - This Site has a great deal of animated gif files, all free.  Find one you like and right click it and save it as a gif file.  You can use these gif files on your Web Site to give it a little movement.  Use them in your Presentations too.