Angela (McCann) Harris and her beautiful family

The Harris Family
            Angela (McCann) Harris is my oldest daughter. She grew up in Northern California and today has a wonderful family with her husband Cole (Blu) and 3 sons. Angela and Blu's first 2 boys are identical twins. My father, Grampa McCann who passed away before Angela was born was a twin. He had a twin brother, and his mother had 2 sets of twins and his step mother also had twins. They say that twins come around every other generation so Angela's kids, kids have a chance to have twins. Angela and Cole had a 3rd child and now say they are done having children and are working hard to raise these 3 boys. Their kids are growing up way too fast, the twins are already thinking about college, so Angela is making sure there are plenty of pictures available. All of the boys have raced in the Quarter Midget races in their home town. I remember riding my bike to go to the races, at the same track, behind the high school. The track was there even before the park. Look for pictures below of the racers;  
by: Gary


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      A day in the sun (Fair Oaks, CA)      
  Cousins       Cousins  
  Angela and Shawn with Dad   Angela and Grandma McCann      
    The Ring Bearer   Grandchildren  
      At Shawn & Rachel's Wedding      

Still Under Construction

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