Custom Slide Show DVD's  

These Disks Run on DVD Players, PC, Mac, and some DVD based Video Game Consoles.

Choreographed to Music, Sound Effects and Speech, They Use Still Photos and/or Video

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          I can produce videos that contain still photos of family, friends, vacations, etc., movies and animations.  These videos are then viewable on home DVD players or can be produced to play on a PC or Mac.  The shows are choreographed to your favorite music, custom original music or sound effects and speech.  They tell a story about someone growing up (most popular) and make good additions to Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, or any milestone in your life, or someone close to you, including a wake or funeral.

  I will produce a 25 minute to 1 hour DVD for you at a reasonable price - "Free* to Family and Friends"  

A standard 25 minute DVD takes over 60 hours of work to complete;

  • Scan old photographs

  • Fix Redeye and other photo problems

  • Crop and Size all photos for Standard or Wide Screen or both

  • Create Custom Titles, Images, Etc.

  • Create Video File(s)

  • Create Custom Menu Background(s), DVD Labels, Book and Spine Labels

  • Create Menu(s), Render DVD

  • Scanned Pictures are returned on CD as digital photos

  • Digital photos can be taken in the DFW area






  I have posted some samples of previous works below  

For More Information or to request a sample, Email me here

Please include the number of photos to be scanned and whether it will be wide screen or full screen or both.


If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area, I can take digital photographs of an event such as a wedding, birthday, etc., and then turn those photos (plus additional scanned photos or video) into a storybook on DVD.

Price of photography is not included in the price of the DVD.  A mileage charge will apply for events outside the metro area, ask for details.  Family members will not be charged mileage as long as I am invited to the event!

  You've got to see it to really appreciate it!  

          Please understand that the samples below are not of DVD quality and look nothing like what they will on your TV or even your PC when created to view on those items.  The samples below are of low resolution and tend to be a little fuzzy during the transitions.  They do however give you an idea of what the videos will do.  A full screen original video of one of these below is over 700Mb, even trying to download a video that size will be very impossible.  I can send you a video on a CD-R disk that you can view and get a real feel of the quality of work.

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  Family Video's are the most popular - Click a thumbnail below to view a video - contact me if you have trouble  


  Army Full Screen   WWII   Police Academy Wide Screen  
  (Broadband 340Kb/s)   (Dialup 150Kb/s)   (Broadband 340Kb/s)  
  Army Wide Screen   Halloween 2005   Police Academy Wide Screen  
  (Broadband 340Kb/s)      (Broadband 340Kb/s)   (Dialup 150Kb/s)  
  * Free means no charge for services - other cost may incur including cost of disks and labels