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Support Arizona



            I support Arizona in what they are trying to do.  I also support Farmer's Branch and Irving Texas, and Freemont Nebraska.  I think it is outrageous that our Federal Government would sue a State instead of helping them with our problem.  Yes I see it as our problem.  I do not have a problem with legal immigration, just illegal.  By belief is that if something is illegal, then our government should follow the law.  there is nothing unconstitutional about arresting people in this country illegally.  Also, the threat of terrorism is so great, we should be checking everyone's ID's.  It would not bother me if I am asked for my ID (mainly my DL) if I am stopped in any State.  In Texas, if you are stopped by the police, you are always asked for your driver's license and proof of insurance.  It is required to carry a driver's license if you are driving, in all States.  Also, if I am in a car, without a seatbelt when it is stopped, they can also ask for my ID.  How else can they write me a ticket?  If you are driving without a driver's license, (if you are illegal, you can't get one), you can be arrested and taken to jail, as with most traffic citations, driving without a DL or Insurance is a jail-able offence..  Without any SB1070 law, many cities in Texas already contact ICE, (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and are placed on Immigration hold if they cannot ID them.

          Most people who have called the new Arizona law racist or unconstitutional have not read it, including our government officials which includes our President.  It seems insane to comment on something either positive or negative without first knowing what it is your talking about.  If our current government is that dumb, then we STILL NEED CHANGE!  The Federal government has never really enforced the immigration laws, they pass new laws but they don't even enforce those, (like it is illegal to hire an illegal immigrant).  There is a Wisconsin County Supervisor, (a county official) Peggy West, said she would support such a law if Arizona was actually on the border with Mexico, WTF?  Does she till have a job?  Read about her here.


To Read SB1070 click Here


What to Expect


When you are hit by another driver and your car is totaled

            On May 10th, 2010 our car was hit in the rear by a driver who was busy texting on his phone and wasn't paying attention to his driving.  It was on the freeway so the impact was heavy.  The car was totaled and basically they will only pay you what the value of the car is at the time of impact.  Our car was a BMW 325i which was valued at $13,625 without taking into consideration any packages included in the car, custom equipment added after the purchase, etc.  Dealing with the insurance company, which in this case was State Farm, and not our insurance company, and never will be was not easy.  The people who work there have no feelings at all, and they basically stick to their written instructions and mention the courts a lot, saying this is what the courts say must happen.  We had a rental car until they determined the car was totaled, once that was known, State Farm said they were no longer responsible to furnish a rental, however if they had repaired the car, they would furnish the rental until we got the car back, at this point, we have no car, and have yet to receive a dime from the insurance company.

          After arguing our case, we got a total of $15,500 out of the BMW.  When we found a car that was comparable to what we lost, it ended up costing us $4,500 more than what we received from the insurance.  State Farm explained that we could purchase exactly what we had with the amount they gave us, including tax and licensing.  NOT even close.  First of all, it was a BMW which there are not a lot of them available, it was a 2003 with around 90,000 miles, included the sports package, premium package and cold weather package, was in perfect condition but out of warranty.  If we could find what we had, it would not contain all of the packages, or may have been in an accident, or did the previous owner or owners take care of it?  The cost of repairs is very high, and we didn't want to purchase someone else's problems.



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United States Postal Service



          Despite staff and spending cuts, the U. S. Postal Service lost $3.8 billion last year.  And after my experience today, it's no wonder.  I took a CD down to the Post Office here in Keller.  I told the person at the counter that I need for the CD to get to it's destination by Monday, today is Friday.  The CD's destination is the High School in Keller.  She said there is no guarantee of that but it's possible, however it has to go to Fort Worth first.  I am thinking immediately, "You've got to be kidding, it's no wonder the Postal Service is losing money".  I would deliver it myself but it's not easy locating someone's office in that school.  First thing, the security is fairly strict, (which is a good thing), and then it is a job to locate anything there.


          Their Business Model is the problem, they have no business model.  This is just another test for the federal government to run a business successfully.  We should either privatize the Postal Service, or hire someone like the CEO of Fed-X or UPS to run the service.  It does so much business, it should be making money.  In fact, if the governments, Local, State and Federal, would run all entities like a business, with the results of the business on the shoulders of the person in charge, they would make money, and we would not have to pay as many taxes.  But the tax system is keeping all that afloat, and a person in the government doesn't have to worry about being fired.  We need new people in charge at every level.



See below for more Postal Service News


            The media today is only motivated by money.  After the death of Michael Jackson, the media just cannot leave it alone for a second.  I like to watch the news, both local and national news in the evening to see what has been going on during the day.  Instead of hearing about Dallas, North Texas, or situations with Iraq, Washington DC, etc., we hear nothing but investigations into Michael Jackson's death.  Where is Michael Jackson's body, what killed him, where is the Doctor who gave him the drugs, who will get his children.  We hear all these things about him like, he was an African American Icon, or a civil rights leader, bla, bla, bla.  Who cares where his body is, who cares how he died, leave the children alone.  He was a great performer, and had more gold albums than anyone, but he was not an African American icon, nor was he a civil rights leader as he was referred to by extreme racist Al Sharpton.  Michael Jackson never marched for civil rights.  He did actually open up MTV to black artists, but I consider that the day MTV as we knew it died.  Nothing against Michael Jackson, his video "Thriller" belonged on MTV, but once they started playing that rap crap, they wouldn't stop.  Their audience doubled or tripled, and that was their motivation.  You only see on TV what the media think most of us would like to see, but I think the media is wrong many times, and of course that shows in their ratings.  Kind of like when they expected over 500,000 people to show up at Staples Center during Michael Jackson's memorial on Tuesday, instead, the outside was lacking the large crowds.  And what about the police department's involvement, spending $1.5M on security, and unless people donate money to pay for it, it will be up to the tax payers of the State of California, what a mess.  I heard someone say the memorial will be the greatest production ever, instead it was a 2 hour show, kind of like being at a funeral.  Talk is that Michael's body wasn't in the casket, who cares, it was a symbol.  Michael Jackson was a great singer and dancer, but he also had a very strange life.  He was charged with child molestation, he was acquitted but it was mainly due to lack of evidence, as the primary witness was paid off.  He had a lot of medical problems, and allegedly some caused great pain which could explain why he was taking pain medication.  When you are rich, you can buy anything.  One thing that really bugged me was when his daughter talked about her daddy, now the media will smear that clip all over the air.  It's sad for the children, especially for the fact that for the rest of their young lives, there will always be questions as to who their actual birth parents are.  When will the media drop this?  time will only tell.  I hope it's soon, between that and Obama, colored television is taking on a whole new meaning.  



          When I moved to Texas, I thought the people would be better drivers.  It's amazing how many drivers on the road don't have any idea what they are doing.  I think it's easier to obtain a driver's license here in Texas than many other States, especially California.  In California you run into a lot of aggressive drivers, there are some of those here too, however in Texas we find a lot of dumb drivers; drivers who don't know the reason for the middle lane, you know the one that is setup for turning left into or out of.  Some think it is a lane that you use to bypass traffic, others have no idea it's there and wait until everything is clear in both directions before they make a left.  Another good example is when you are driving on a multi-lane road, and an emergency vehicle comes down the other side, the side where there is absolutely no traffic, and on the opposite side traffic is 3 lanes wide and 5 miles long, the side with traffic comes to a complete stop.  What is supposed to happen is that people driving in the opposite direction just need to be aware in case the vehicle needs to cross the roadway.  Persons on the same side of the vehicle need to make their way to the right shoulder and then stop, but no, not in Texas, they stop in the middle of the road, all over the road.  Emergency vehicles here in Texas have to really be careful when they are running code.  Marisa, my wife says she avoids the lights and sirens as much as possible, because people will just stop in front of you, without notice.  They really need to have a Public Service Announcement to explain this one to Texas drivers.  Another example is, merging into traffic.  Texan's cannot merge, they have no idea what that is.  There are so many freeways that traffic is seldom slow and never really stops unless there is an accident ahead.  But every time you come to an on ramp, or where 2 freeways come together, traffic comes to a slowdown, and once you get past that, you speed up again.  And one more, is Stop Signs.  When you come to a 4 way stop, chances are that you will be sitting waiting for someone to go because they lost track of who's turn it is, and to make things worse, there is no logic to a 4 way.  In California, if you come to a 4 way stop at the same time as another driver, the person to the right has the right of way.  In Texas, the first person to leave the stop sign and head into the intersection has the right of way.  No word in the laws as to who is at fault of those 2 persons hit one another.  Most Texan's are polite, which is one of the reasons they cannot go through a 4 way in an orderly manner, everyone wants the other person to go first.  Sometimes you find a California driver and then you just have to leave them alone.  I was driving home one evening, traffic was kind of heavy, and something was going on ahead where everyone had to merge over to the right.  I found a gap and started to merge over, when this lady, (she was no lady) came up so fast I thought she was going to rear-end the other car, then pointed the middle finger at me and gave me one of those looks like I was stealing her car or something.  I looked at her like, wow, pulled ahead about 3 cars where a Texan created a gap for me.  I know she was steaming about that.  When you come to Texas, don't worry about the idiot drivers, it will only cause you a heart attack or worse, just do like the Texan's do, if someone cuts you off, just tip yer hat and say "good day sir"








United States

Postal Service

            Lowering their level of service will make them better.  Current reports about the U. S. Postal Service is that they are going to reduce the number of days they deliver our mail from 6 to 5, and are considering a business day, (Tuesday) as the other non-delivery day.  It's time we remove the person in charge and hire someone that has more of a business sense to turn this around and make it work.  A few simple suggestions; They should increase the cost of bulk mail.  We would experience an immediate effect of either an increase of revenue or a reduction of bulk mail or both.  Both are positive changes, and with the Internet having ads on every page, and with Cable TV which is full of commercials these days, there is little need for bulk mail. People like me don't even look at the stuff, it goes straight from the mailbox into the shredder.  If I kept everything I received everyday for 6 days, I could fill a full size Postal Department Mail Tub.  And if I kept everything for a full year, I could fill up my office from the floor to the ceiling.  I could do for some reduction in the crap I get, and it seems like I get more crap here in Texas than I ever did in California.  Maybe Texan's look at the stuff more often, not me.  
            Minorities will loose their jobs, or will they?  If they reduce the number of days they deliver the mail, will they then reduce the number of employees?  Is that not the opposite direction that our new President wants to go?  More layoffs, especially from the government would just add to the number of un-employed, and increase the un-employment payouts which I understand is running out of money.  If anyone does loose their jobs, I bet it won't be the minorities.  


There must be a reason that UPS, Fed-X, DHL and so many other shippers are in business and doing so well.  Maybe we should hire one of them to deliver our mail.  I won't have to worry as much about my mail being placed in my neighbors box.



I'm not suggesting...


Don't you just love the Holiday Season?




          When does the Holiday start?  Christmas is getting more and more commercial and at the same time, less and less Christmas and more and more, Holiday.  It's because more and more people make the claim they are offended by us calling Christmas, Christmas after Jesus Christ.  But wait a minute, isn't Christmas about the birth of Christ?  I believe and this is just me, that anyone not believing in Jesus Christ, need not celebrate Christmas, but at the same time don't destroy the time of year for the rest of us.  Santa Clause is a great guy, but he isn't Jesus.  Santa is a non-religious image put in place so everyone can celebrate the holiday season together no matter what religion, including those who have no religion.  But just because there is a Santa, that doesn't mean the original intent of the holiday be forgotten or changed to be more politically correct.  You know if you have read anything on this page that I am not much for being politically correct.  I like things like they were, not like some people want them to be.  Santa is usually a nice guy, jolly and fat, eats too much especially on Christmas eve.  But the true face of Santa is the retail stores, online stores, and other institutions that specialize in selling items, especially around Christmas.  These retailers and moving the Christmas season closer and closer to the summer than ever before.  I noticed it

  this year around the first of October when I started shopping for Halloween decor.  I was looking for a red light bulb like the ones in an old indoor string of Christmas lights, or like the one's that go in a night light fixture.  Having a tough time, I just looked at the Christmas decor which was on sale right next to the Halloween decor.  It's amazing that we cannot wait until the start of the season to start selling specific items like decorations.  It's all about the mighty dollar.  The longer the season, the more money will be collected.  We have a tradition in our house that we do not celebrate the Christmas Holiday season until after Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is another holiday that is fading into the background, displaced by the Holidays.  Another thing is that people try to remove "Christmas" from the holiday so that all religions can celebrate, like Kwanzaa, what is Kwanzaa and why do they celebrate it at Christmas time?  It is a holiday created by blacks to celebrate they are black and part of Africa.  I think most blacks are happy with Christmas and don't really need another holiday on top of the one we have, however black radicals do indeed celebrate Kwanzaa.  An African-American scholar and social activist, Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966 as the first African-American holiday. Karenga said his goal was to "give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society, which must mean Whites.  I'm not sure but if I were a Black man in 1966, I would be offended by that statement.  A couple of years ago, Lowe's decided that the Trees they were selling were called "Holiday Trees" and not Christmas trees.  No one would have guess the kind of feedback they received from their ad in the local newspaper.  I would not have wanted to be CEO of Lowe's that year.  A few cities also tried to change the name but faced opposition from tax payers.  Come on people, stop trying to change the holiday and start enjoying it.  I have to go now, I am going to put up my Christmas lights and decorate the Christmas tree, and buy some Christmas gifts, and put on some Christmas music.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Great New Year!


The First Black (African-American) President

            History in the making:  I was never opposed to having a black president, I knew it would happen sometime, and I figured it would be in my lifetime.  After all, blacks have been making a name for themselves in every facet of life, including politics, and the very rich for years.  Blacks have been in politics for many years, and I can't remember when there was such celebrating for the first black Senator for example.  Sure there is reason for celebration, but I think in some cases it is a little over board, especially coming from the media.  My only worry is how this is changing the mindset of the black community.  We didn't see a lot of prejudice issues until Obama won the Democratic nomination.  Sure there was slander from the Clinton camp trying to oust the guy, however if you look at the sheer number of blacks that voted for Obama, vs previous presidential candidates, Senators or Congressman, you can see it was not because they thought he would make a good president, because I don't believe many even have an idea who would, but it was only because of his color.  The whole election was proof that there is a lot of prejudice in this World and much of it is coming from the black community.  I hear stories of how blacks are mistreated, but I have never seen it in my 54 years on this earth.  As far back as I can remember, blacks went to the same school as me, lived in the same town and ate at the same restaurants as my family did.  Most of the real prejudice is in the older folks, but they do a good job of making sure the younger ones know what their ancestors went through.  Blacks are definitely not mistreated here, they are on the City council, the school boards, police departments and everything in between.  It's not that the white race is the minority here, it's because color is not an issue.  I'm sure there are still parts of the country where color is an issue, but it's not somewhere where the media for example can find it.  I'm sure Obama will make a good President, I voted for Bill Clinton and I believe our financial situation was never better than when he was President.  And when Bush became President, all hell broke loose.  I lost a good paying job and things went down hill for awhile.  I voted for Hillary during the primary elections, because I feel that the country needs a change, and Obama wasn't the change I had in mind.  I truly believe that women have a better sense of running things than men do.  I  believe that women make better police officers because men have this ego thing they carry around with them, and it gets in their way when they try to be civil to people on the street.  Not all of the people on the street are criminals, most of them are not, and maybe it's the other way around at 3 AM, but it seems that even the bad guys treat women different than they do the men.  With a male police officer, the fight is on.  I think that some women make better politicians because they are less likely to wander, make decisions based on how much someone will pay them, or how much sex they can get.  Women are less likely to get caught in some scandalous situation, and everyone knows how the men do with that!  Republicans and Democrats alike are caught in scandals all the time, and all the time it's men in politics.  I read something once that made sense about voting for McCain for President.  A vote for Hillary was a vote for a lawyer who is married to a lawyer, and the same was about Obama.  But McCain is a war hero and not a lawyer.  I think change is needed in Washington D.C. but I think a different kind of change is needed than Obama can bring.  I think it will be politics as usual when he takes office because I don't think the President makes all the decisions, it takes Congress and the Senate as well, and they are pretty much the same as they ever were.  I'll bet a majority of the racial jokes about the new President come from persons of color.  


New Presidential Limo


Is Black or African-American the politically correct way of referring to a person of color?



Act the part?


Be yourself?



          One thing I've noticed is that when black leaders like Obama, Oprah, and others are talking to a mostly black audience, they take on a kind of black personality, talking in a kind of slang, almost a gang type, or un-educated.  The kind of talk that rich football players talk, and rap artists, etc.  It is like they are becoming black for their audience.  We all know Obama is half black and half white, but the black community sees him as all black, and he himself said he relates to his black side, he is a black man.  It is the BIG difference from the blacks vs whites.  When a white pastor spoke in Obama's famous church, he too took on this black personality, like what some call a "wanna-be" black, it's where a person other than black acts like a black person, this mostly happens when whites and blacks live close together, like in low income housing or trailer parks.  No one, other than some skin head scum that I am aware of has ever said "I am proud to be a white man".  Because what white people know and black people don't is that color is not an important issue in a white person's life.  Until race is brought up by a black person, it is not an issue.  A real good example was when a Dallas commissioner referred to the central collection office as a "Black Hole", meaning that paperwork goes in but never comes out.  Another commissioner, a black member of the city council and a black judge made a race issue out of the comment.  Race was never on the mind of the white commissioner, but the black councilman is a racist.  In fact even when he was informed what the term "black hole" is, he still stuck to his belief that it was a racial comment, and even brought up things like "Devil's food cake and Angle food cake" saying that throughout time black is given a bad name and white is the good.  I believe racism has no place in politics whether it be in city council or the Presidency.  Now there are jokes about the Dallas City Council being an Intellectual Black Hole!  If I were a resident of Dallas, I think I would voice my concerns, but I haven't heard of such problems with the Keller city council, or even Fort Worth.  We need change at all levels of government, not just in Washington D.C. and any time we see racism in government, we need to squash it immediately, otherwise like Dallas, government becomes a joke!  I don't believe being a joke is good for a body like the government.  Stop acting like someone else, act like yourself, otherwise the people you impress may not be equal to or more than the people you piss off.  Just because a black person talks correctly, using words in the dictionary and in a way that you can understand them, doesn't mean, at least to me that they are being white.  I don't think Bill Clinton when going to Arkansas to speak, acted like a hillbilly when he spoke to the people in the Ozark Mountains.




How you act is a direct representation of who you are!






Illegal Immigration


            Illegal Immigration and you!  I think it's time we started talking about what we are going to do with all of the illegal immigrants sucking up what's left of our economy.  It is obvious that crime is on the rise as our economy goes down the tubes.  In fact crime is at an all time high.  Last year we were hearing about copper thieves stealing copper wire from ball fields, schools and churches AC units, and freeway lighting.  It blows my mind how stupid criminals can come up with a way to pull out the wire of street light poles or ball field lighting without getting burned or worse.  With all that happening we don't want to add to the problem by having a bunch of people running around who don't belong here.  I don't want our country to become like WW2 Germany but I do believe we need to verify people's status when they get in trouble.  Recently a small city here in Texas passed a law that required apartment managers/owners to verify the legal status of renters.  That law was thrown out because it would cause apartment managers or owners to become immigration officers.  However the law states that employers have to verify the legal status.  When I apply for a job, I must provide proof of citizenship in order to keep the job.  I think that small city had every right to pass that law, and my rights were violated when the courts said the city couldn't require it.  I think now they are getting around it by passing another law that requires apartment renters to get a permit to rent, and now those apartment managers and owners only need to be presented a permit from the city; the city is verifying the legal status.  

How long do we continue this useless way of dealing with the problem and get more aggressive?


see more on this issue Here


The Power of the Media

            The Media has way too much power:  The media today is no longer neutral in their beliefs, including political beliefs.  This last Presidential election proved it to me.  I usually watch ABC in the mornings, Good Morning America, mainly because I don't like the Today show since Katie left, I really don't care for her replacement, what's her name.  So this year during the election I noticed that they had more stories featuring Obama than McCain.  They tried to be neutral but you could tell who they were pulling for.  I noticed Jake Tapper who followed Obama most of the time had this big smile on his face and reported with much enthusiasm when he reported for the Obama camp, but not as much when reporting for the McCain camp.  And now that Obama is the next President, Jake is the official Chief Whitehouse Correspondent for ABC News.  I feel that because the media has so much power, they should be required to report their political position, so people watching the program will know who they are supporting.  The media has more power today than the President in most cases, and while I agree with things they do to keep our politicians honest, sometimes I believe they are just out to stir the shit.  For example; in the local news here in Texas, there was a report on the local news about a bus driver that got upset with a mentally handicapped child.  I don't believe the child was injured in any way, but the bus driver did get very upset and the parent of the child did admit the child is hard to handle and does things that are not excusable, however the city or county or whoever was in charge didn't notify the parent of the situation, although they had a video.  Everything was fine, the child was fine, the bus driver was disciplined and all was well until the media got a hold of the video, notified the parent, now the bus driver doesn't have a job, and we the taxpayers are shelling out extra money to make sure when a mentally handicapped individual is on a bus that there is a monitor on the bus with them.  OMG, where are the parents?  The parents should be responsible to be on the bus when their child who needs special attention is on the bus.

          A good example of what I am talking about is the story of Thomas Beatie who is referred to by the media as the "pregnant man" when in fact, she is a woman who wants to be a man, but in fact is a woman.  But every story by every news media including Oprah refer to her as a man which in turn makes 30+ % of the World believe he is really a man who got pregnant.  The World is made up of a vast variety of people of every level of mental capacity.  There are a lot of people in the World today who don't have any common sense, meaning they believe most of what they see and hear and don't give anything much thought.  So when the media has a story with a headline, "Pregnant man gives birth to a baby girl", a lot of people don't read the story, just the headline and now a large portion of the World believe men can actually get pregnant.

          I don't know how to curtail the media from being forward and treating every story as attention getting, money in the bank, and instead report the news how it happened, where it happened and give us the facts, not the news editors opinion.  Make the headlines reflect the actual story, otherwise eventually the major news media will become more like the National Enquirer instead of the American Broadcasting Company.  We don't need to hear the opinion of the news media in stories, we just need the facts, and then we can develop our own opinions.  This is a major reason some court cases are moved away from the place where the crime was committed to give the person charged with the crime the chance of a fair trial.  Things wouldn't be that way if the media wasn't so aggressive about telling the story with their own twists and insinuations.  But with the media being so global these days, a fair trial may be a thing of the past, because everyone gets the same news if it's worthy enough for national broadcasts.

          When Laci Peterson went missing in a town just south of where we lived, we just knew Scott Peterson was guilty.  Based on the media's handling of the case, we got as much news about what happened than the police did.  The media did a better job of investigating the crime than the police department, one good reason is the amount of money a newspaper or television station will spend, especially if it's worthy of national attention.  The local Stockton California police department only has so much money to spend on an investigation.  And with the number of actual bodies found in Stockton, the Peterson case, because there was no body, didn't deserve more attention than any other.  With the help of the media, they picked away at the story until they did find a body, right where the media reported it should be.


If your last name is Peterson and you are married, your wife needs to be aware of this;

              Scott Lee Peterson is a former fertilizer salesman convicted of the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son Connor Peterson.  Laci was eight months pregnant at the time of the murder.  Peterson's case dominated the American media for many months.  On March 16th, 2005, Scott Peterson was sentenced to death and currently resides on death row in San Quentin State Prison.  He has never admitted any guilt or responsibility.

This guy was a stupid criminal - he went fishing on Christmas eve

            Drew Peterson was a police officer in Illinois who is under scrutiny by the police and especially the media for the death of his 3rd wife and the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy.  Many time during a news cast of this story, Laci Peterson was mentioned.  Not that I think this guy is any less guilty than Scott, he hasn't been convicted yet and he most likely won't get a fair trial anywhere in the country because of the national coverage.

Give it up if your guilty dude, you will just look more stupid when you are convicted

              Michael Iver Peterson also convicted of the murder of his wife in 2003 in Durham County North Carolina was sentenced to life for murdering his wife Kathleen and is suspected in the death of another woman who died in Germany the same way as Peterson's wife, blunt trauma to the back of the head and falling down a flight of stairs.  He has not been convicted of that crime, but was the last person to see her alive.

These guys have no feelings, my God!


One more Peterson, Cedric Y. Peterson was arrested in January 2007 for the stabbing death of his 28 year-old wife.  Rachelle Peterson was found dead when police went to her home after receiving a complaint about a domestic disturbance, according to the Junction City, Kansas police department.  Peterson was arrested a short time later.



Not your common Peterson profile is he?


Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see...


            The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:  My position on the current wars has not changed much.  I still think the Middle East is a dangerous place and something needs to be done, however it looks like they can take care of that for us if we just leave them alone.  I don't like for our young men and women to be stuck in the middle of someone else's fight.  Dying for a cause we are not quite sure about.  We need to leave them alone to kill them selves.  We can put all of the money wasted on the wars to good use making our borders tighter, more secure, less porous.  I believe in time the entire region will become so volatile that no one will be safe, no matter how many troops we send in, we will not be able to control the slaughtering.  Have you noticed that they bomb themselves?  They claim to be a religious people yet they easily take the lives of their people, and they easily commit to suicide to make that happen, killing the people around them, whether they are political figures or just the general population.  Then they say that if they do the suicide bombing and become a martyr they go to heaven where 72 virgins are waiting for them, what a crock of crap that is.  Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that shit deserves to die.  the best thing we can do is catch them in the act, blow out their fuse, take them in the back somewhere and shoot them in the head, silently, and never tell anyone, ever, they just disappear.  The whole thing is to get the media to react, especially the Middle Eastern news media, they are worse than the free World news media, primarily because they are not a free World.  


Much to their surprise, the virgins waiting for the Muslims in heaven were not what they expected


Updated September 2008

            The condition of the world around us:  We are so interested in fighting some foreign country that may be a threat to the United States.  We are putting so much effort into this fight that we have very few resources to spend elsewhere, namely here, in the United States.  We have a war right here at home.  Our streets are getting so dangerous that we cannot feel safe going out at night anymore, and it won't be getting better anytime soon.  People are killing each other and/or themselves.  I really don't care if people kill themselves, controls population, however they need to do it in a safe place, somewhere that will protect the rest of us.  My wife read in a book she purchased lately that we have more people on death row than ever before and most of them are dying of natural causes, (old age).  Yes I believe in the death penalty, by all means we should not allow mean killing people to stay alive on this planet.  We allow corporations to grow to such a size that their CEO's feel they are worth billions.  Maybe if they created the company, but not some guy that goes from company to company, doing some work, getting paid bonuses and stock options, then leaving as the company folds to head another.  What the hell is that all about?  You ask yourself how can the CEO of the largest insurance company leave as the company is about to go down in flames, and take away several million as a parting bonus?  How can that happen?  Then the government loans them millions to keep them afloat, why not go get the millions you gave the guy you fired?  What a stupid World we live in today.  How can our current government, or future government ever fix this shit?  You hear more and more every day, I'm not a financial expert by any means, but I would say right now they need to shut down Wall Street for a month to let things settle down.  Stop the speculation trading, that is what is driving our economy into the ground.  Come-on, it is speculation that caused the gas prices to go way up in a short time, that caused people to panic and try to stay afloat, before that, houses were going up, up, up in value, all of a sudden our home was worth $330 thousand dollars more than we paid for it in just a little over 7 years of ownership.  That is wacko!  We are pretty sure whoever purchased our home in California, defaulted on the loan, because the house was back on the market in less than a year after it was purchased.  One of the first sub-prime loans to default I guess.  We sold just in time, a month after we sold our home, the market crashed, and crashed hard.   Our home here has gone up a little in value, kind of up and down, but not down below what we paid.  It's actually up according to the county tax auditor.  We didn't get a sub-prime loan, a variable interest rate or any of that crazy shit.  We will sit this out and try to maintain a life style we are used to.  Hopefully things will go the other way in a year or 2.  

Political Correctness is old news and no longer valid in a World like we live in today, no country is politically correct except the United States!


A note about current gas prices


Updated November 2008

            It's amazing what a few months will do:  Back a few months ago gas prices were verging on $4 a gallon here in Texas and higher in most other States.  We were paying $60+ a week to fill up the Beamer so Marisa could get to work.  Today it's a completely opposite situation.  The other day Marisa paid less than $2 a gallon for premium gas.  A 50% decrease in just a few weeks, amazing.  I know gas will go back up soon, and I hope it is due to demand this time instead of speculation or manipulation.  Natural gas too is down and that is bad for the economy they say.  It doesn't matter if we can afford it, it only matters if companies are making the profits that Wall Street expects.  Bad for the economy means that companies aren't making the profits, well raise the price and we will quit buying then where will you be?  In the same place.  At least if we can afford it we will buy it, and the law of the $ is "The more we can afford it, and the more we want it, the more we will buy it".  And of course the opposite is true; If we don't want it, we won't buy it, or if it's too expensive and we don't need it, chances are it won't be purchased.  And of course this is true also; if we want it real bad, or need it real bad, we will buy it for just about any cost.  This is a sad one because medical insurance, hospitalization, medical treatments, dental insurance, and of course Gasoline falls into this category.  Thank God my employer helps out with our family medical and dental costs.  
            Where are our friends in the Middle East now?  When President Bush went to Saudi Arabia earlier this year, he asked them to increase production of oil to relieve some of the World's rising food costs, which are due to rising oil prices, which are due to supply and demand (as they say).  What did the Saudi's say to President Bush?  NO!  Not, we will think about it, just NO.  If we send them another dime, whoever makes that decision should be shot.  It is time to invade the Middle East and take their oil and distribute it all over the globe to reduce prices right now.  We should show these so called friends in the Middle East that we are not friendly when we are stabbed in the back.

          Supply and Demand my ass!  We hear that the cost of oil rising so fast is due to supply and demand, even some high level individuals come out and say that is the controlling factor.  I even posted an article by the Associated Press sent to me by my company's CEO about the reason we are facing such a extreme increase.  I'm sorry but how can the price of oil be so low and then all of a sudden, rise $50 a barrel and then continue to climb, even though the demand is shrinking at a faster rate?  I'm not so stupid to think it is due to supply and demand, unless the supply is shrinking faster than the demand, in any case it is manipulated.  This is not a normal situation, and it effects everyone World wide.  This is the beginning of another war!


Prince FullaBulla


We should tell these friends in Saudi Arabia that friends don't stab friends in the back!





You are being watched!

            Should we Get out of Iraq?:  Yes, I think we should get out as quickly as possible, however I don't think we should leave before the job is done.  One thing I don't want is another Vietnam where our soldiers went there to fight for freedom, we gave up and left the country to fall to communism.  Then our soldiers came home and were treated like they didn't belong here, some ended up in the streets.  We should not allow the country of Iraq to fall to the radicals, however I do believe we have our eyes closed to reality, we have the hands of our troops tied behind their backs, we are so full of "Political Correctness" that we can't see clearly and this leads to un-necessary death.  We need to eliminate the threat, from the root.  If it's a group of people, arrest them, search them, try them, find them guilty, then eliminate them.  If it is from outside influence, close the borders, dig a trench, fill it with alligators, piranhas, snakes, etc.  Build a fence, destroy the roads and bridges, make it impossible for people to enter the country without your knowledge, (that's another subject I will touch on later).  We should have a plan, I don't think we have one yet.  If one of our troops accidentally shoots an innocent person in Iraq or Afghanistan, let him continue, don't prosecute him, pat him on the back for doing something.  I don't believe there are a lot of innocent people over there.  If there are and they get in the way, well, oh well...  

We should get out of Iraq, but not before the job is done - or - they kick us out!  Whichever comes first.


If they kick us out before the job is done, we should take lots of oil with us


Are you a Democrat or a Republican?  Are you sure?

            Democrat vs. Republican?:  Is the country really separated by such a defined line?  I think not.  It's hard for me to think anyone except extremists, or religious fanatics would really not want to do stem cell research.  Something that could save lives; lives of those who are already living.  Pro-lifers should be on the band wagon to get this passed, however they are the extremists.  The republican party stands for the extremists, they call themselves conservatives, but there's nothing conservative about telling someone they can't abort the fetus of a rapist killer because it's a  life that we are taking; that has to be extremist thinking.  How can one be pro-life and not want to do research using stem cells, they are not life, but the essence of life.  It is hard now days to vote your party, because there are so many issues, no one party can support all of them, so they use some scientific test to figure out what the majority want, or maybe not.  I think it is the party officials, whoever they are that come up with an issue and then promote it.  We are all so gullible that we believe others just like us believe the same thing, but if we vote on it, chances are we will see different numbers than we thought.  They say Democrats are for Gay marriage and giving amnesty to all of the illegal aliens, but that is not true.  Many Democrats do not want gay marriage, most don't really care, it's not an issue that will effect most Americans.  On the subject of amnesty for illegals, only Hispanics and business owners really want to allow the illegal aliens from Mexico to stay and work, and only the Hispanic community wants them to become citizens.  What the businesses know is if they become legal citizens, they will have to be paid minimum wage.  We should police the illegal alien community, arrest business owners for hiring illegals, (because it is already a crime), charge those illegals we catch with a crime, not just deportation; put them in jail for a few years, that would be a deterrent.  We should tow their vehicles, seize their money, (because it was made illegally).  You don't see Americans sneaking across the border to Mexico, they will arrest you and throw away the key.  We should all vote Independent until every politician is out of Washington DC, we will not have a true democracy until we get rid of the dishonest politicians, and pass some laws to make it very difficult and very costly to pull the shit they pull in Washington.  It should be a 25 year mandatory prison term if you take money from a lobbyist, then vote to make the lobbyist happy.  Severe sentences for crimes in public service is the only way to make it stop.  Do you think your favorite politician will vote to make that happen?  Not the ones who work for us today.  Today, the worst thing that will happen to a politician that commits a crime in office, is resignation!  Where is this country headed?  We should stand on American values, not religious values, Democratic or Republican values, family values, or individual values.  American Values, as a country United, but then again, that's my opinion.  

How can you call yourself Conservative and have Extreme thoughts?


You're conservative about government control yet you want to eliminate the right to abortions


I think the Liberal / Conservative difference is going away


The problem with talking politics is that I will run out of Web Space before I run out of comments!


The only reason the Democrats would want amnesty for the illegal's is for votes, nothing else,

why else would you want an invasion on your country?




Wake Up America!

            Secure our Borders:  A majority of the U.S. want to secure our borders.  Not just the southern border, although we don't have a lot of illegal crossings at the northern border, it too should be secure, any opportunity for someone with bad intentions to get in is too many.  We need to build the fence (either physical or electronic) on the southern border the entire length, not just the 700 miles the current administration has passed, although that's a start.  We need the National Guard (that's what it is for) to have full authority on our borders, and the Coast Guard to patrol our costal waters.  If you think about it, a large ship can drop anchor several miles off the coast, and send in a small craft, land several terrorist types which could blend in with the rest of the population and go to work, anywhere they want.  And if they then applied for a visa, they would probably be granted one because they are already here.  Anyone can cross our borders at anytime, some are caught and sent back, but how many are investigated to; a. See if they have been deported before.  b. Come from a country other than the one they are sneaking over from like somewhere in the Middle East.  c. Have committed a crime and are wanted by any country including the U.S.  We are spending billions on the war in Iraq, and only millions to secure our own place on this planet.  We should do more, it's up to our politicians, (see above).  

We should secure our borders Today, not tomorrow or next week, it is going to cause problems tomorrow we can't afford to have!

            Should Visitors have the same Rights as citizens?:  We should treat all people with respect, realize their human rights, however if someone who is not an American Citizen commits a crime in this country, we should not treat them like an American, and they should not have the same rights.  They should be treated like they are terrorists, here to cause harm to millions of people.   I am tired of hearing about Mexican gangs, Vietnamese gangs, and other foreign gangs running rampant in this country, it is true we have granted citizenship to some who are in these gangs, but we should null and void their citizenship if they are convicted of being in a gang, and we should spend more of our resources eliminating gangs instead of allowing them to grow.  The reports are mind blowing.  

We should not have to live in fear just to be free!


Are you willing to give up some of your rights to be safe?


The right to be secretive or to hide your identity are not really rights at all, except from the government, and only if you are running from the law, planning something against the government, etc.  When you apply for a job or home loan, everything comes out.  People say that we are giving up our rights if we allow the government to listen in on our phone conversations, we my thoughts on that are, let them listen in to mine, they won't hear anything that will get me in trouble.  And I am confident they wouldn't have a reason to listen in to mine, but Abdula down the street, the guy who doesn't mow his lawn, no one knows, never comes outside, now they may have a reason to listen in to his conversations.  And just because Abdula is in this country, does he deserve the same rights as me?  I don't really feel he does.  If he works hard and becomes a citizen, then he would, but if he has any ties with terrorism in any way, he better not be given a citizenship, or this country is in big trouble.  If it means finding all of the radical terrorists in this country and keeping them out, then I am willing to give up certain rights.


The rights I am not willing to give up;


The right to bare arms - Just in case the government doesn't do a good job of finding all of the terrorists, and for Jamal who might try to break into my home, I think I'll keep this one.  My 40 Cal. Glock is mightier then I am.


Freedom of speech - I like to be able to say what I want.  If I say something that makes the government suspicious of me, then so be it.


Freedom of religion - Although I think some religions should be forbidden, I don't know enough about them to eliminate them, however if a religion is found to be a cult, dangerous, and threatening, it should be forbidden, but not by our government, the people should take this upon themselves.  I think we want the government to deal with things because we don't want to be known for being against something, unless we can vote secretly we don't want to get involved.  I don't have to trust a Muslim if I don't want to.  And I think if enough of us said Muslim religion is not allowed in our town, eventually they would leave.  If we allow them to stay, they will grow.  I read once that Muslims think they will take over the World some day, not my World!.






Where do I stand on the issues?

    The Issues My Stand  


Abortion Rights for Women

For (a vote against is not pro-life, it's communism)



Gay Marriage

Don't Care (This issue will only effect Gays and Religious Extremists)



Secure Borders

Very For (I believe we need to spend more money here than in Iraq)



Alien Amnesty

Very Against (Come on, they need to stand in line and learn English first)



War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Against (however I agreed with it in the beginning, and we need a plan to finish it soon)



National Health Plan

Very For (but it has to be as good or better than we have now)



Increased Taxes

Very Against (I can't afford more taxes, it's time the government paid me)




Making Politicians in Washington change their retirement system to Social Security

Very For - very important if we expect any change here (If they had to depend on the Social Security program for their retirement, they would make sure it works and stays funded)



Stem Cell Research

For (I believe that the quality of life for millions of people is at stake here)

  10. Wall Street Bail-Out Somewhat for  (I would call it a helping hand)  
  11. Automaker Bail-Out Against - (I know it would mean thousands of jobs, but I believe they would find a way to stay in business)  
  12. Wall Street Bonuses WTF!