6th Street in Rio Linda


64 Chevy SS Impala


American River


Arkansas River


  Crabbing at Tamales Bay   Long Hair at 16   Chasing Geese   Stripped Bass at Rio Vista  
  Dean Way in Folsom   Mime   Arkansas River Trail   Arkansas River  
  Practice at Berryessa   College Grad   Practice at the Storage Unit   Recording  
  Air Force A1C   Hippie   My Sounds   Air Force A1C  
  Hippie   On the Road again   at Lake Tahoe   Shepard AFB Texas  
  Is that Bugs?   Speach   Christmas at the Castleberry's   College  
  On Grass   New Daddy   Cabot Ark.   Christmas at Na Na's  
  At the Stoney Hill house   Scare Crow   My Office   My Office at AEP  
  Zohar   At MCE   Drinking Beers   At the Rader's