Our Fast Car

My first crack at custom pictures, I cut out and copied Marisa and myself to this picture I got from a car sales Web Site - Not too bad



Sneak into Santa's House

My second crack was one using the kids, I cut out and copied them to this picture I scanned




True Inner Self

My third try was with my own picture, the face is made from a scene from Shivers (a computer game) and my neighbor who stuck her tongue out at me while I was taking her picture


Tomb of CAS

for the next 2 pics, I continued to use scenes from the computer game Shivers, this one features my brother-in-law and my sister


The Gate

Using the same computer game Shivers as a back drop, this one features little Bran


Tooth Fairy

This is a tiny porcelain doll hand made by a friend of mine, Sherry Morgan.  She creates some of the best Halloween decor I have ever seen





A Hot Place to Party

In the dinning room of our Folsom home




We're in Big Trouble

The only thing custom about this picture is the text, I took this one on July 4th, did you guess?



Jammin at the Rockin Roller Coaster

My friend Tim was not at Disney World with his guitar when I took this picture, his part of the picture was taken during a practice session in a warehouse in Folsom





The Visit of the Tooth Fairy

This picture was taken in Reno Nevada, I noticed the picture with both kids missing teeth in the front, I thought it appropriate to add the Tooth Fairy




This picture was taken on New Years Eve 2001.  I changed just Brandon to a comic then put him back.


Disney World - Tower of Terror

This picture was taken at the same time as the one above.  I took this picture with my Olympus 3040, then took out the cloudy sky and replaced it with the night sky and the Twilight Zone logo,

the Tower of Terror is actually from an episode of The Twilight Zone





Karla O'Rader





She is!





Sunset on Hwy. 80

This picture was taken from the front seat passenger's side of Marisa's car.  We just left Fry's, and I was testing my new camera





As Worlds Collide

Taken in Downtown Sacramento along Highway 5 heading south.



Also taken in Downtown Sacramento along Highway 5 heading south.


Christmas Cheer






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