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Cuervo Gold in the Freezer!

          In college I had a friend who's name was John Krismanits.  John and I were best of friends, the kind of friend that became one from the first day we met.  I was sitting in my pickup, in the parking lot of the college, when John came and jumped in my truck, he was cold as it was below freezing out.  We sat there talking as we waited for class to start on the first day of school.  The college was in Little Rock Arkansas, John was from Iowa and I was from California, we met in Little Rock, what a chance.  We were talking about drinking tequila and I mentioned I drank Cuervo Gold and kept it in the freezer.  John freaked and said he never heard of anyone else doing that, that he too kept his Cuervo Gold in the freezer.

 Makes it very smooth going down!

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