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  2 Gentlemen dueling over a young lady   Very funny   A Gentleman's Duel  
  Ever wonder what cats talk about?   Watch this one first   Cat's initial conversation  
      Then watch this one   The translation  
  Flashy Rims   What will they think of next   Pimp Wheels  
  Fast Tire Mounting   This is pretty cool   This Guy          and this one  
  Is this guy a master magician -- or just a whiz at creating videos?  

Shadow Puppet


Very cool


  March of the penguins French style   Very funny   March of the Emperors  
  24 in the age of dialup   I watched a movie the other night "Heat" a very good movie with lots of well known actors.  It reminded me of this...   24 episode 1  
  Competition for the iPhone   Microsoft has their hands in every industry   Microsoft’s O-phone  

  Squares 2 by Fetch Fido Games   Touch the black squares without touching the red ones.  Black circles change to slow motion. Easy at first, then - good luck    
  Killer or Coder Quiz   How good are you at spotting the difference between a serial killer and a software engineer?  Would you make a good cop, or would you shoot them all?  Good Luck    
  Real or Fake Test   Some of the pictures are real and some are created using graphics software.  Can you tell the difference?    
  Apple Shooter game  

Don't miss or you can kill him.  How far can you get?  Pull back on the bow then aim, it gets easier as you learn what to do. It can get gory...   Enjoy!


  Don't do drugs, try this instead   Watch it in full screen mode, watch it for the full length, when it tells you to look away, look out into the room, get up and walk around.  You won't believe this one...    
  Color the B&W Picture   This one was sent to me by Chris Castleberry.  It is a visual effect that when you stare at a dot, the black and white picture becomes color for a few seconds.  Really cool effect.  Thanks Chris