Keep What?   What no baby strollers?   No Da!  
      Are they against Pick-up trucks?   More wasted tax money  
  Woof woof!   Only Male persons right?   OMG!  
  Do we give them a ticket?   Are they in the Shade?      
  Unless you mail your donation  

Bill Balsamico's famous signs, click the link to view all of his signs - Tell e'm like it is Bill!

  Does that mean you can see through it?  
      We should all be so bold!      
      These are the only signs on this page that aren't stupid!      



  In California they have falling rocks, I wonder what State this is?   Flashers ahead   Which way?  
      Always Wrong!   Who's in Charge here?  
  Are there actually? Oh never mind!   Another NO DA!   So that's it then  
      $40 Sign Enhancer      
  Some Signs don't work   A Special Useless Sign   A Very Useless Sign  
  $200 if you don't die?   If you can't read this, you can't write!   Swimmer's Crossing  






      At least it doesn't squeak   Soccer not allowed on Soccer Fields  





  You're Stuck!   Stuck again!   And again!  
  Interesting Advertisements  

  OMG   I wonder how they taste, NOT!   Yea let's eat at Gassy Jacks  
  Fuking Chinese?   No Dung!   Bring Yer Own?  
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