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          I am really not a blogger, however this page is setup like a Blog to bring you news and happenings and anything else we decide to place on this page.  The idea is to keep the family informed and add a few cute stories along the way.  I have added a date to the upper right hand side so you can tell if anything has changed since your last visit, also, everything new is added at the top, so everything below you may have already seen, however I have been known to add more than one story at a time, so scroll anyway.

Fall 2011

          I know I said I was going to be better at blogging here this year but I have to admit, we haven't done a lot besides work and go to school. Nothing real different has happened, but I thought I should give a few details about some of the things that have changed this year, since my birthday in Feb.


          Late last year Brandon did what the insurance company said he was going to do and what most teenagers do, he totaled his first car. We purchased Brandon a 2005 Honda Civic for $8,000.00 cash and he drove it for about 4 months before he killed it. We were at the Honda Dealer one day getting Marisa's car serviced when we found his second car. Boy what parents will do for their kids! Of course this one costs way more than the other one so we took what we got out of the wrecked car and put it as a down payment on a 2007 Civic 5 Speed. And of course, Brandon is paying for this one.

2005 Honda Civic
2007 Honda Civic

          October is one of the most active months for our house. Marisa has a birthday, then a week later Brandon has a birthday and then the next night is Halloween, my favorite holiday, be sure to see my Halloween Pages. We went to PF Changs for dinner and Marisa and Brandon both got deserts.

         Brandon got a new desk for his birthday, and his mom cleaned his room, that alone was worth some dough, plus he got some cash so he made out pretty well. Marisa got a new phone, the HTC Vivid, with 4G Internet and they let her keep her "Unlimited Internet" with the 4G access so it was a great deal. She just had to check out an Android phone, thinking the iPhone 4S was not that big of a change. Now she is learning a whole new phone OS. She also got a new LapTop computer, a Levono, with an Intel i5 2nd gen processor, it's very fast.

New Corner Desk
Entertainment Center
Spring 2011

          In March, Marisa and Brandon took a long overdue trip to Nevada to see Marisa's mom, (Brandon's Grandma "Nana") and her sister Janina, our niece Kayelee and her brother Lou, (see "The Taylor Clan" available on the home page). I stayed home because it was going to be too costly for all 3 of us to fly, besides I had some construction to do here at home. They had a good time and Marisa really needed to see her mom, it had been a couple of years, and she is not getting any younger, although she looks pretty good for her age.

      Winter 2010/2011      

          I know it's been way too long since my last post, but last years was not a good year and too many things went on and I just couldn't keep up.  I promise to do better this year so when you come back there is always something new.

          So today is my birthday, (I forget how old I am) and when we woke up this morning we had a yard full of snow.  We had advance notice, in fact this whole week we have been, in a sense, snowed in.  Sunday night, (1/30) we had a wild storm come through and dump about 2 1/2" of snow/sleet mixture which by mid week turned to a solid block of ice.  We were pretty lucky, because I work in the home office, Brandon's school was closed and Marisa just happened to be off until Thursday.


          She had to be to work by 6AM on Thursday and because of the ice on the roads, she had to take the truck.  It's a F-150 FX4, 4X4 pickup and has pretty good traction in the ice and snow.  This morning, her trip into work was easier because the snow was easier to drive on than the ice.

          The pictures above are from this morning at the house, and the pictures below were taken by Marisa, in Pantego.  We got close to or maybe made the 5" mark for snow today.  It's way better for driving and even walking to the mailbox.


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