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This page is dedicated to the memory of my relatives on my mother's side of the family.  They all past so early in life, and we all feel like we didn't get the chance to really tell them we love them!  You can come here as often as you want and tell them you will always love them and always be thinking about them.


After the loss of my cousin Craig which was a total was a shock to many of us, I decided to create this section, to remember our family members, as they need to be remembered.


While you are visiting this page, please say a prayer for them.  We know they are watching over us.


We need more pictures - Contact me if you have some to send

  Dee Bennett Grandfather/Great Grandfather

  Loraine Bennett Grandmother/Great Grandmother  
  Hank Bennett Uncle - Mom's brother  
  LeRoy Bennett Uncle - Mom's brother  
  Bernice (Bunny) Aunt - Mom's sis - very fun to be around  
  Mildred L. McCann Mom  
  Leslie Janne Bennett Very Sweet Aunt - Wife - Mother - Friend  
  Sue Bennett Wonderful person, Thoughtful, funny and fun  
  Harry Sahota Cousin - Son of Pug and Bill Sahota  
  Roseanne Cousin - Daughter of Gene Bennett  
  Craig Bennett Cousin - Son of Gene Bennett  
  Donald Bennett Cousin - Son of Leroy and Lil Bennett  
  No pictures of Donald are currently available

Cousin Craig passed on January 17 2008



While you are visiting


Please remember our family members who have past


please say a prayer for our family


don't let them fade into eternity







Cousin Craig

In Memory Announcements

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Cousin Roseanne


Craig Bennett


Rose and Craig were brother and sister


Daughter and son of Gene Bennett of Lincoln CA



Several of our family members have died of some form of cancer.  Please give when you can to a group that is in existence to rid the World of cancer deaths.  We need to eliminate the dreadful disease that has taken way too many of our family and friends.  Click a link below, or if you have a program which is collecting donations for the cause, send me an Email message ( gary_mccann@the-mccanns.com  ) telling me about it and I will add it to the next newsletter.


American Cancer Society   -   Susan G. Komen for the Cure  -  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society




The love our family has for each other will keep the torch lit

for those who have past before us


            Everyone featured on this page passed away way too early in life.  Even our Grand Parents left us too soon.  We don't really get the chance to tell them how much we love then and care about them, and we never tell them that they will be remembered forever.  I would love to be able to build a monument for our family members so that they will be remembered for all of eternity.  This is my virtual monument for these family members who were taken from us before we were ready to let go.  





Grandpa and Grandma Bennett


Dee Bennett





Baseball Hank Bennett


Uncle Hank (True Truck Driver to the end)











Aunt Bernice (Bunny)


Aunt Bunny and Uncle Hank in 2001


This Page Guarded by Truck Driver Angles













Leroy Bennett


Leroy lost his leg in a tractor accident


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Harry Dee Sahota




Son of Pug and Bill Sahota


Bakersfield, CA









Our Mom







Click above to view the service for mom







Leslie Anne Bennett - 9/13/1948 to 4/30/2010


We will miss you forever, Leslie




Sue Bennett - 12/7/1939 to 7/5/2010




You are in a much better place Aunt Sue




Now I lay me down to sleep




I pray the Lord my soul to keep