Taste Addison is a fair for the taste buds.  They have food vendors from all of the local restaurants as well as some from outside the city who set up a booth to serve their feature dishes.  We had some Asian food from Pai Wei and drank Corona beer for $2.50 ea.  We ate some Tex Mex, and sampled other delicacies during the day.  It's hard to try a lot because each plate is about a full meal.  It's not the place to eat a corn dog or turkey leg.

  The FOOD!   Tie Dye      
      The Main Stage   More FOOD!  
      The Carnival Rides      
      Wine Tasting      

          The bands they had in 2007 were real good rock and roll bands like Blues Traveler, Lifehouse and Daughtry.  They had many different food vendors, more this year than last.  The entire layout was larger, and the beer is cheaper here than at any other venue like the Southlake Arts Fair, or the Craft fair of Denton, or even Grapefest...

  The Main Stage          
  The Crowds       The FOOD!  
          Wine Tasting (California Wines)  
  Beer $2.50     Beer 2 Fisted  
      The BEER!