We are a typical family living in the United States of America.  We have typical American views about war, terrorists, family living, religion, morals, education, government, employment, and life in general.

We started this Web Site when we moved from northern California to northern Texas about 2,500 miles east.  We left behind family in northern California, Nevada, Washington and Stockton.  Our move was based on the economy and what we were seeing as a crumbling California lifestyle.  Texas was a much better economy and prices were more within our reach, as well as the career prospects for Marisa were 10 times better. What we found when we arrived in Texas was how friendly to people were, you know the one's you come in contact on a daily basis, those workers at Wal Mart, the Storage place, and more.

We are not trying to change the World, or even push our views on the World, in fact with the exception of our "My Thoughts" section, none of our pages even discuss issues like mentioned above.  What you will find here are Pictures.  Yes, pictures, pictures and more pictures.  All kinds of pictures, from old pictures of our ancestors to brand new pictures of our newest family member.  It's like a news paper specifically about the McCann family and their families and friends.

If you don't like us or our Site, all you have to do is close your browser.  We do not want to force ourselves on you or anyone you know.  We are here just in case someone who is related, thinks they are related or are friends of our friends who want to come see and enjoy our Site.  We try to make our pages appealing and display the pictures in an easy to see format.

  We are a father, a mother, a son, we work on computers, police the community and go to school.  We live in a modest home, have lots of pets and we have lots of computers.  If you already know us, but haven't communicated to us lately, we would love to hear from you.  If you don't know us and would like to get to know us, that's a little strange but hey, send us an Email.  If you think you know us but are not sure, send us an Email, we don't bite.  We will let you know if we remember you and if we don't it may be the start of a new friendship, or not.

We hope you enjoy our Site, it is years of development and decades of pictures.  Come back often, things are always changing, new pictures are always being posted, new entries are always being posted on our blog pages, and time goes on and things change.