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  New Bennett Gallery   Rays Rods  

Rays Rods

Uncle Ray is a Car Guy. He has always tinkered on cars around his house, and after he retired, he took on the cars full time. He has had so many cars in his life, it's amazimg. Check out Ray's Rods

  Special Photo Galleries     When we go somewhere interesting, we take pictures as most of us do.  Then to show everyone where it was we went, we post them here.  Enjoy!  

McCann Photo Galleries

Updated Thumbnails

More Pictures

  McCann Photos   I have been working on improving our photo albums, making the thumbnail images larger so those older folks can enjoy them more, making them easier to see. And you can click on them to see larger pictures on all pages now.  

The Taylor


    I finally got some pictures of Marisa's immediate family, Grandma (Nana), Janina, Marisa and brother Lou, and then there's the kids (grandkids), Brandon, Kayelee and Alysha  



Updated Web Pages

Re-Sized Thumbnail images

    I did some work on these pages to increase the thumbnail images making it easier for our older eyes to see what we're clicking on. They still have larger pictures available when you click on the small (thumbnail) picture, click the image to the left and Enjoy!  

New McCann Gallery

The Castleberry's

  Castleberry Family Photos   I have finally added the Castleberry Photo Gallery, although I have included their pictures in other galleries, now I have dedicated a page just for them. Part McCann, Part Bennett, part Castleberry, and a few other roots make up this diverse family. Check them out!  
  Our Military Family

          Throughout history, many in the McCann family have served, fighting for freedom and the pursuit of happiness in this proud country of ours.



          If you don't see someone on the page you expected to see, and you have a picture of that person, send me the picture along with some information like; their name, branch of service and dates served or during which war.  Additional information would be good, their rank at discharge, any honors received, how they are related, etc.  Instructions on contacting me are on the page.


Dale and Lisa go to



Pictures uploaded to the Web Site by cousin Dale.  There are some really good pictures in this gallery, check them out by clicking the picture ---->>

    I don't know if this is one of the places that has become dangerous lately, but it is one nice place to be!

At least then...


Gary's Pages


Some inside info on the guy who brought you this Web Site.  Some oldie pictures, custom pictures and other stuff, some of which is not worth looking at, but you be the judge.


    Check out My Thoughts, my Black List, my favorites, and my DVD and Web Development pages, plus other useless stuff!  

Angela (McCann) Harris


The family of Gary's oldest daughter...

  Harris Family  

The Harris Family

Angela (McCann) Harris and her family of Northern California. They have 3 boys, 2 of which are driving age, and the youngest is also driving? Check out their page to see what I mean...


A Winchester Mystery


Back around July 4th, 2005  we visited the Winchester Mystery House.


Click on Kayelee to see ------------>>>>

    It is a strange historical site in San Jose California that everyone must see at one time or another in their life.  



A blog about being a police officer, and some myths and truths about the police World


Gary's Photo Gallery


It's Huge!

Over 140 photos

and Growing


Some are cropped

Some are Photo-Shopped

All are mine


Pictures of our Christmases



The section is made up of pictures of our Christmases past.  When ever I come across pictures of Christmas Time, I try to date it and then post it whether it be a scanned picture or digital.



Our Friends


Our friends deserve some space on this Site too.  I have posted several pictures of our friends.  Even if we don't see them anymore, we are still thinking of all of them! 


Gary's Joke Collection

Jokes, funny pictures, videos,

time wasters, and other bust a gut


     Funny....very funny!  



The Farm


Wanna see the animals we have living with us?  The spoiled rotten critters are featured here.  See the Queen of the House "Sassy" and the Princess "Cassie"

Our farm is shrinking and we will not be adding to it anytime soon... 


We have posted pictures of our past pets.  Some have passed away and some we passed on to others, but all are featured in the section

"In Memory"  

We want to remember all of them, because all of them were part of this family, and all of them meant to World to us...

We miss you all!


Gary's Custom Pictures


See what kind of things Gary does with his pictures and PhotoShop.  He just isn't happy with a normal photo, he just has to tweak it.


Oh Crap!


Didn't he take a picture of you once?

Better check them out now




Pictures of Shawn McCann

and more


Pictures and stories of Shawn's

adventures and misfortunes

      Click the pic to see - Page Currently under construction      
  Fresh out of the Camera

Recent pictures as soon as they are downloaded from the camera, they are uploaded to the Web Site.  Well not that fresh...

    More not so recent pictures Here!  

Common over to our house


See what the house looks like on the inside and out.  Views of the yard, the pool and the front are included.  Check out the Entertainment Room, the only room on the second floor, besides the attic which we have massive of.  The Entertainment Room will eventually be converted to a theatre.



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New Pictures of Gary's Granddaughters


Includes new pictures of Jaidyn, now 7 months and her big sister Lilly who is now 3 1/2 years old, they are both growing so fast!


Click on Jaidyn to see her pictures

Click on Lilly to see her pictures  


Our Family Pictures


Pictures of the McCann and Bennett families.  Pictures of current events and past gatherings, including family reunions.


The Gathering has a new feature, a flash video of the actual video that was played at the service, check it out!


Coming soon, the Taylor Family, Marisa's immediate family who are closely related and just as important to us









When Amanda Visits


Pictures of Amanda when she comes to visit.  Pictures of both Lilly and jaidyn, and many pictures of Amanda.  I am adding new pictures all of the time.



    Gary's daughter Amanda lives in Arkansas with her 2 daughters

She will be visiting again soon!

New pictures are on the way


Band Pictures


I have been playing the drums for many years, (never professionally) and through the years I have taken many pictures


Click on the guys to the right to see!



Capitol City

Rubicon Blues Band

Micro Blewz







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Brandon has his own Site


Brandon is taking a couple of classes on Computers, including Web Mastering.  He is learning to write Java and other things, check it out


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